Actual change.
Real impact (hint).

Using strategy, design and technology, we’re here to create commerce experiences out of the ordinary. For you, this means quality digital solutions across all touchpoints. For regular folks – including your customers – it means better shopping experiences. Period. 


In short, we’re here to shape your digital business and improve your customers’ experience with it.  From defining the strategy and carving out the experience to building and testing it – and optimise it as times and behaviours are changing.   

Whether it’s web, mobile, social, physical or omni, we got you covered. We take the time to focus on what matters to your business: Time-to-market, ROI and shopping experiences that make your customers come back for more. With 350 skilled specialists on board, we’re quite the bunch – but we never let our size get in the way of our curiosity and chasing what’s next in digital commerce.  

Our core services look a little something like this: 

how we work

PROJEct teams

We work across disciplines based on a common project model. The model has been developed in a close cooperation among strategists, project managers, developers, UXs, designers and digital marketing specialists. It is based on our experience with what works and what is needed to succeed in our projects.

Everyone at IMPACT contributes continuously to the further development of the model, which supports our strategy of constantly aiming to become even sharper than we were yesterday.

our key partners

We work with the strongest partners in the market.