Denmark's largest retailer of kitchenware, table settings, gifts, and home accessories has built a seamless shopping experience across channels. The transformation has turned them into an award winning omnichannel powerhouse.

500 M DKK

In digital revenue


digital share of revenue


Increase in in-store sales since 2020


Of in-store orders consist of online products that are not normally sold in physical stores


Reduction in customer service time


increase in assortment

omnichannel powerhouse

The competitive landscape of the Danish retail market is fierce, with customer expectations at an all-time high. Shoppers demand an intuitive, attractive and streamlined experience across all channels.

To navigate this complex landscape and stay ahead, Imerco set a clear goal – to become a true omnichannel retailer, seamlessly managing customer data to deliver excellent and coherent experiences at all touchpoints.

Since 2013, we’ve partnered with Imerco to elevate its omnichannel experience. When we initiated the partnership, digital channels accounted for a mere 2% of the total revenue. Together, over our decade-long partnership, we’ve succeeded in lifting the chain to a strong omnihcannel player with more than 500 million DKK in digital revenue, equivalent to 31% of the total revenue.

But don’t just take our word for it. In 2023, Imerco won Gold in the omnichannel category at the E-handelsprisen awards for its complete omnichannel solution.


By transitioning to a composable architecture, Imerco can now deliver a fully integrated shopping experience across channels with synergy between online and physical stores.

The new setup enables Imerco to leverage and activate data across its omnichannel, leading to increased conversions, upselling, and more personalised customer experiences.

Not only has the setup boosted the share of digital revenue – it has also led to a 62% growth in in-store sales since 2020, and 57% of in-store orders now consist of online products that are not normally sold in physical stores. In short: the term “only available online” doesn’t exist anymore.

By continuously working on performance, Imerco now ensures optimised flow of traffic and uptime – which passed its test during the last two Black Fridays, when Imerco experienced record high sales. The strategic focus on website performance has improved the conversion rate to an index of 115, providing a seamless shopping experience year-round.


With a sharp focus on enhancing customer loyalty, Imerco has boosted it’s customer club, ImercoPlus, making it one of Denmark’s largest.

The customer club not only contributes to increased customer loyalty but also delivers valuable first-party data. By activating this data across all channels, Imerco can efficiently personalise and target its marketing activities.

On top of this, we’ve supported Imerco in connecting the physical stores (POS) with the digital platform, thereby enabling the activation of first-party data in a series of automated flows. This ensures that customers receive relevant and personalised content, increasing engagement and strengthening customer relations.


Based on Salesforce Service Cloud, we’ve helped enhance Imerco’s service setup and processes with full digital activation across its call center, customer service platform, and stores.

Through a ‘single customer view,’ customer service employees can now see all information about the customer as soon as the phone rings. This has halved the average call and waiting time since 2020 and contributed to increased customer satisfaction.


Imerco’s omnichannel focus has streamlined the boundaries between the physical and online customer experience. Imerco has implemented all must-have omni-features with very high delivery reliability and flexibility for the customer.

And it’s working. For example, by implementing the endless aisles feature, the assortment has increased by 28% in 2023, and within the same year, Imerco has been able to add 75 new brands and an additional 7,000 SKUs to its assortment.

Breaking down the barriers between online and offline shopping, Imerco has created a seamless customer journey that meets modern expectations for flexibility, convenience, and personalisation. This positions Imerco as a leader in omnichannel retailing.

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