Long stories are best served short. Put simply; We’re here to power up digital commerce. We do it by building long-lasting omnichannel experiences using strategy, design, tech and optimisation. 


For you, this means quality digital solutions across channels and touchpoints and a clever way to growth. For regular folks – including your customers – it means better shopping experiences. Period.

Craftsmanship and curiosity 

“We’re not your average full-service agency” is worn out, we get it. Instead, we’ll stick to the saying that we’re here to push the boundaries for commerce and fuel growth. From no less than seven locations across Europe, we’re digitally transforming brands and businesses. While we cover all the major tech platforms and work with some of the most exciting businesses, we make a sincere effort to stay down-to-earth. It’s who we are, and it’s the kind of talent we want to attract.  

brilliant brains 

Our global team of developers, designers, consultants and like-minded are dedicated to their craftsmanship and the experiences they co-create. From promising strategies and user research to proper code and delightful design. Creating digital transformation is a team effort – powered by us and by you. 

20 years of growth and excitement

At IMPACT, collaboration is our engine, and growth is our steering wheel. To build, excite and grow commerce, we need to understand your business, its ambitions and its struggles – together. We do it by listening to your needs and challenging your assumptions. We’ve spent more than 20 years refining our approach to digital transformation, and we plan to stick around a little longer. 

Want to get to know our team better? Head over to Careersand read all about us, plus check out our open positions. 

Founding principles 

What are the mechanics that keep us going, building and thriving? Our three founding principles are some of them: 

We’re all over 

You’ll find us pretty much all over Europe.
Here’s where we’re located:


Nerdy by nature: Meet our founders 

Did you know that  Per-Mattias (PM among friends) bought his first computer – an original Commodore 64 – at age 11? Or that Kasper founded IMPACT back in 1998 when he was a 17-year-old kid? The stories on these guys are rooted in our DNA. Entrepreneurial hearts, ambitious brains and geeky from the get-go. 

The fine print 

In 2021, Swedish commerce masterminds Improove joined omnichannel champion IMPACT. With Scandinavian roots all the way back to 1998, the joint house of digital commerce today consists of 350+ brilliant people in seven cities across Europe.  

Ask us anything 

What brings you here? Whatever the reason, you’re more than welcome to pick up the phone or give us a shout at