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The session will include Omnichannel Index highlights, your individual report (if it’s part of index) and deep dive into topics such as loyalty, customer experience and AI in commerce.

4. Omnichannel audit, benchmark and roadmap

We’ve designed a 4–6-week process where we conduct an extended audit of your omnichannel performance. The framework will be customised to your specific needs, yielding both quick wins and long-term, high-impact opportunities. This includes setting a customised benchmark of your performance based on your needs, identifying gaps & opportunities in your business and developing growth plans & a roadmap with both short and long term perspective.



The Omnichannel Index 2024 is the biggest and most comprehensive omnichannel study in Europe to date, covering 6 markets, 70 touchpoints, over 350 companies, amounting to 25,000 data points. 

Together with the brilliant minds at Google, we’ve put every phase of the buying journey under a microscope to shed light on top-performers, key learnings and strategic opportunities in omnichannel commerce. 

Why? Because in today’s retail landscape, the seamless integration across all customer touchpoints isn’t just beneficial – it’s essential. That’s why we’ve evaluated 70 carefully selected touchpoints of the customer journey: 

1. Awareness

How do customers find you?

2. Evaluation

What is their experience comparing your offerings?

3. Purchase

How smooth and satisfying is the buying process?

4. Service

What support do you offer pre, during and post-purchase? 

5. Loyalty

How do you ensure customers return? 

We’ve done this by employing a comprehensive methodology that includes: 

  • Mystery shopping: Assessing businesses in-store service from a customer perspective. 
  • Digital performance analysis: A deep dive into businesses social media and website effectiveness.  
  • Desk research: An all-encompassing review from multiple omnichannel perspectives. 

Each touchpoint is assessed against predefined criteria essential for delivering a best-in-class omnichannel experience – all to provide a detailed, objective assessment of how your business operates from every angle.