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Changing commerce for the better

Explore our tailored sustainability services that help turn your sustainability goals into actionable strategies, enhancing customer experience and driving profitability while balancing people, planet and profit.

Turn your sustainability ambitions into action

Sustainability has become a critical aspect of business.

That’s why it’s essential for us to help you elevate your company’s sustainability goals, transforming them into tangible solutions that elevate both customer experience and business value.

Developing the right sustainable commerce strategy, along with a robust digital setup, unlocks numerous opportunities for meaningful growth. These include increased profitability, streamlined optimisation, cost savings, reduced risks, and the creation of innovative business models and revenue streams, to name just a few benefits.

Our suite of six sustainability services serves as the toolkit for unlocking your business’s potential, enabling you to balance people, planet and profit all at once.

Let’s change commerce for the better!

OUR sustainability services

Sustainable commerce strategy & CX

sustainable commerce strategy & cX

Get an overview of your opportunity space, upcoming regulations & trends within sustainable commerce, and bridge your sustainability ambitions with your digital strategy to level up your customer experience and business value.

  • Sustainable Commerce Assessment
  • Opportunity mapping
  • Sustainable commerce business case
  • Bridging ambitions & digital strategy
  • Enable & nudge better buying
  • Best practice Sustainable UX Catalogue & Insights

Transparency & Traceability

Customers want transparency and care about sustainability, and they prove it with their spending when sustainable choices are made easy. With great user experience (UX), you can guide and educate your customers – but you need a robust data core as your foundation to remain compliant and relevant.

  • Digital Product Passports
  • Data compliance
  • Empower ESG reporting
  • E-procurement
  • Customer transparency & education


As consumer attitudes towards circular business models and products rise and the circular economy expands, re-commerce becomes a crucial component to integrate into your business strategy. These business models aren’t entirely new, but with the right setup, you can unlock new business opportunities such as enhanced brand reputation and loyalty, new revenue streams, and valuable data insights.

  • The circular business case
  • Re-sell
  • Rent
  • Repair, renew & recycle
  • Customer journey integration
  • Business operating model


Reduce costs and improve resource utilisation, enhance your brand’s reputation and loyalty, and minimise waste while lowering your company’s carbon emissions. Address consumer needs, comply with regulations, and strengthen stakeholder relationships.

  • Forecasting & replenishment
  • Better inventory & order management system
  • Minimise order errors
  • Reduce returns & split orders
  • Optimise route planning


The demand for accessible solutions is growing and regulations are forthcoming. We assess, enhance and design solutions that are inclusive of all people – and that comes with several advantages. Read our recent article on website accessibility, where we explain why every business should strive for an accessible website – not just to comply with the law – but also to enhance their customer experience, gain a reputation as an inclusive brand and expand their brand’s market reach.  

  • Accessibility review & integration
  • Embrace all types of users
  • Preferred search & performance
  • Ensure compliance with the accessibility standards & regulations (WCAG standards)

Reducing digital footprints

Your digital presence has a physical footprint. Reducing it is not only beneficial for the planet but also for your business. Lower energy consumption goes hand in hand with cost reductions, improved performance, enhanced usability and increased customer satisfaction. We will assist you in taking action and identifying all opportunities to minimise your digital footprint – all while securing business benefits.

  • Digital footprint assessment
  • Reduce page load weight
  • Optimise data flows
  • Reduced advertised emissions
  • Cloud optimisation
  • Better hosting
  • Digital emissions reporting

Want to turn your sustainability ambitions into tangible solutions?

Get in touch with Louise. She’ll tell you more and help you get started.

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