for a complete omnichannel experience

We're partnering with JYSK to revamp its digital presence and create a seamless omnichannel experience by breathing new life into its online platform with a brand-new design.

Streamlining the omnichannel experience

While JYSK’s physical stores and social media platforms have undergone significant upgrades, their website is lagging behind.  

Recognising the importance of a seamless digital experience, JYSK has chosen IMPACT Commerce to breathe new life into its online platform through a brand-new design.  

We acknowledge that even though our primary revenue stream comes from physical stores, most customer journeys start online. That’s why we’re looking to revamp the digital presence by redesigning our website, to create a seamless omnichannel experience

Kristian Dybdahl NorskerHead of E-commerce at JYSK

The goal? To improve the customer experience, boost conversions, drive more traffic to physical stores, and ultimately refine the digital footprint to elevate brand perception.  

STRATEGIC DESIGN for omnichannel success

Achieving these goals demands expertise in navigating the dynamic space between physical and online channels – which is exactly why JYSK has chosen IMPACT Commerce as a partner for this design project.  

“We’ve chosen IMPACT Commerce as a partner due to their great track record of elevating customer experience for retail businesses and their ability to not only enhance the digital experience, but also think omnichannel into the solution,” says Kristian.

The collaboration kicked off with a bold vision – to imagine the ultimate digital experience without constraints.  

“Although we understand that not every part of the design can be implemented in praxis, we wanted to shoot for the stars with a best practice layout to ensure a state-of-the-art digital experience,” says Kristian Dybdahl Norsker.

A total of 245 tasks have been identified, spanning from creating entirely new image formats to tweaking button sizes. Launching the website will not be a big bang; the implementation will be taking place gradually, divided into sprints with ongoing improvements.  

With a focus on enhancing the omnichannel experience, we developed an ambitious design that can help modernise the website and align the digital presence with the updated in-store experience. We believe that this will improve the overall customer experience, boost conversion on the website, drive more traffic to the stores and, ultimately, elevate the brand perception

Stefan Swartz Primdahl Director, Clients & Consulting at IMPACT Commerce


To ensure a seamless process, our designers are working from the JYSK office during the project. In this regard, Kristian highlights the importance of physical collaboration;  

One of the key strengths of this partnership is the decision to have IMPACT's specialists working side by side with JYSK's team physically. This has proven to be an invaluable asset, allowing for smoother alignment and understanding between the teams.

Kristian Dybdahl NorskerHead of E-commerce at JYSK
About jysk
  • international home furnishing retailer with Scandinavian roots
  • More than 3,300 stores and webshops in 48 countries
  • 31,000 employees
  • Annual turnover of €5.2 billion

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