Plus Pack
Customer-first digital roadmap

Plus Pack wanted to increase market shares through better customer experiences. A better understanding of its customers was key to prioritising the right digital initiatives and to maximise return on investment.

01. Results

Digital initiatives identified and prioritised 3 years ahead


Clear understanding of customer needs, pains and motivations


Adoption of design thinking for human-first experiences


Plus Pack designs, develops, produces, and sells circular food packaging solutions, and has high ambitions to lead the food packaging industry forward by driving the transition from linear to circular packaging.

To meet this ambition, the company saw an opportunity to improve the customer experience, particularly for its distribution customers, by embracing digital as an opportunity.  

But in a fast-changing world, there’s a high risk of wasting time and money on the wrong digital initiatives.  

To identify digital initiatives that would enhance the customer experience and create the most value and with optimal effort, Plus Pack decided to gain a deep understanding of its distribution customers’ needs, pain points, and motivations. 

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02. Story


Working with IMPACT Commerce, Plus Pack not only gained a deep understanding of its customers, but also got a strategy to put those insights into action.  

Based on a mixed method approach combining data from interviews, questionnaires, and daily reports, we developed a digital roadmap for the next 2-3 years, prioritising digital initiatives for maximum value and efficiency.  

This roadmap, along with investment calculations, enabled timely digital touchpoint implementation and cost management.  

Additionally, Plus Pack underwent an internal transformation, establishing a process for sharing insights across the organisation. This process is built on a dynamic knowledge foundation created in Miro, which facilitates sharing by visualising insights in easy-to-understand ways.  

Working with customer insights has, in many ways, disrupted us in a very positive manner and has helped us understand where value is created and delivered according to our customers.

Camilla Haustrup HermansenDeputy CEO, Director of Business Development at Plus Pack
03. Solution

Turning data into strategic opportunities

It was apparent from the start that this Discovery Project was more than a data-collecting exercise for Plus Pack. The company aimed to cultivate a new mindset within its team – one that placed the customer at the heart of everything. 

With a kick-off workshop, we aligned on the objectives, research scopes, and deliverables. Drawing on existing knowledge, we then identified the key gaps and assumptions and verified them through interviews with internal stakeholders. 

To address these gaps, we engaged directly with the distributors through a mix of interviews with various target customer roles, a comprehensive questionnaire, and daily sales reports regarding customer interactions. 

This process also involved mapping two different types of customer journeys and a variety of primary customer roles, providing Plus Pack with a deep insight into each touchpoint – from initial need to purchase and subsequently, brand loyalty.  

By analysing both quantitative and qualitative data, we identified five key insights and the strategic opportunities they present: 


Trust and ability-to-deliver are essential
Product data is business critical and needed for collaboration
Transparency and convenience create a competitive advantage
The channel mix is changing
There’s a desire for more collaboration

These insights formed the basis for developing digital initiatives to enhance the customer experience. This included how customers discover and interact with products, possibilities for enhancing the brand experience, and opportunities for increased self-service. 

Finally, we evaluated the value delivered by each digital initiative and the effort required for implementation, prioritising them based on their maximum impact for the customer.    

We have been very satisfied with the Discovery Project. The process has been excellent, informative, and well-organised, allowing our project group to discuss relevant business dilemmas, opportunities, and challenges.

Camilla Haustrup HermansenDeputy CEO, Director of Business Development at Plus Pack
04. Approach

Putting customers first with design thinking

Plus Pack wanted to be more customer centric. IMPACT’s design thinking approach was the perfect fit for that aim. 

Focusing on empathy and collaboration, this method of problem-solving puts the customer at the forefront. We define the problem by thinking about it from the customer’s perspective, which leads to better solutions. 

Collaboration is also key with multiple perspectives and inputs encouraged to make sure that the end experience serves all customers. Information is captured and shared in visual ways to maximise understanding and engagement. 

We also introduced Plus Pack to two of our key work principles: 

1. Exploration over validation

With the goal to learn about the customer, rather than look to validate existing beliefs, an open mind was vital. As a complex problem, it was also important to understand that the project wasn’t about getting a yes or no answer but to explore how the customer behaved.

2. Team over solo

By working in close collaboration to complete the study, we created an environment of co-ownership with everyone encouraged to contribute to and understand the data. This enables Plus Pack’s team longer-term to be able to keep the customer at the centre of everything.

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05. The fine print

About Plus Pack

Family-owned since 1914, Plus Pack is a food packaging solutions designer based in Denmark. 

Plus Pack’s founding motto is ‘The drive to make a difference’. The company lives up to this ambition as a front runner in the development of circular and recyclable food packaging solutions for mid-large distributors and industrial clients. 

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