THE OMNICHANNEL INDEX 2024 by IMPACT Commerce and Google

Get your copy of the Omnichannel Index 2024 – Europe’s biggest and most comprehensive omnichannel analysis, brought to you by IMPACT Commerce and Google.

Made in collaboration with Google, this year’s index is the biggest and most comprehensive omnichannel study in Europe to date.  

It covers 6 markets, over 360 companies, 12 categories, 8 disciplines and 70 touch points across the 5 phases of the customer journey. 

This amounts to no less than 25,000 data points, shedding light on every phase of the customer journey – from awareness and evaluation to purchase, service and loyalty.   

But it’s so much more than just data. It’s a strategic tool designed to provide businesses with actionable insights and strategies for delivering the seamless experiences that today’s customers expect.   

+360 brands & retailers, 12 CATEGORIES

In this year’s index, we’ve analysed data from more than 360 brands and retailers across 12 different categories, to identify top performers and areas with room for improvement.

In the report, you’ll see the top three best performing brands and retailers within each category as well as particularly relevant and interesting touchpoints within each phase for each category:

House & garden
Jewelry & watches
Beauty & pharma
Pets, gifts & hobby
Department stores
Sport & leisure
Furniture & home interior

6 markets

Entering into a strategic partnership with Google has enabled us to broaden the scope and expand our analysis to also include The Netherlands, Belgium and Finland – aligned with our efforts to move toward a broader European focus.

8 Disciplines

To make the data more actionable and enable you to compare it against best practices within your organisation, we’ve included disciplines in this fourth edition of the Omnichannel Index.

Nuancing this way adds depth to your understanding of the data by highlighting the areas where you might be struggling and empowering leaders to facilitate change by pinpointing where, how, and what action to take based on the insights.

5 phases, 70 touchpoints

In today’s retail landscape, the seamless integration across all customer touch points isn’t just beneficial – it’s essential. That’s why we’ve evaluated 70 carefully selected touchpoints across 5 phases of the customer journey.

+25,000 data points

All of the above amounts to more than 25,000 data points, which we’ve assessed against predefined criteria essential for delivering a best-in-class omnichannel experience – all to provide a detailed, objective assessment of how your business operates from every angle. 

We’ve gathered all these data points by employing a comprehensive methodology that includes:

Mystery shopping

Assessing businesses in-store service from a customer perspective.  

Digital performance analysis

A deep dive into businesses social media and website effectiveness.   

Desk research

An all-encompassing review from multiple omnichannel perspectives.  

Hear what Tanja Winterberg from Google and Kasper Holst from IMPACT Commerce has to say about it:


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