The IMPACT way:
Embracing ambition, curiosity and empowerment

Discover how our work environment at IMPACT thrives on ambition, curiosity, and empowerment – and how these values shape our culture, drive innovation, and create endless possibilities for our team and clients.

We aim to create a fun, inspiring, and safe working environment that fosters a culture of ambition, curiosity, and empowerment.

Together, we embody these values. They set us on a transformative journey of growth, innovation, and endless possibilities for our clients and our IMPACT team.

To maintain this culture, we’ve outlined a set of guidelines – a compass – that shapes not only who we are but also how we operate in the realm of digital craftsmanship.

We refer to them as IMPACT Nine.



When it comes to digital craftsmanship, we never settle. We’re not afraid to speak up and set the bar high. In fact, we genuinely believe that this is the key to sustainable and loveable solutions.


We never settle, we challenge ourselves and our clients to do better.


We take the lead, follow up and drive quality.


We define our success by our customers’ success.


We don’t wait for change – we make it. By posing questions, listening, and exploring rather than coping with the status quo, we uncover potential. Because great minds don’t always think alike. 


We listen and ask questions.


We are eager to learn and explore.


We embrace diversity and new viewpoints.


We pave the way for meaningful relationships that aim for the sky. Across diverse people and projects, we continuously challenge the conventions to bring forward the unexpected. 



We care about people and establish insightful relations.


We enable people and businesses to grow.


We build strong teams with trust and autonomy.