AO’s 24/7/365 award-winning app

“Our warehouse is your warehouse”. Meet the app revolutionising construction wholesale in Denmark

Award Wins

Winner - European eCommerce Mobile Experience of the Year, European eCommerce Award (2022)

Winner - European User Experience of the Year, European eCommerce Award (2022)

Award Wins

Silver - Best E-business App, E-handelsprisen (2022)

Winner - People's Lovie Winner, Lovie Awards (2022)

Silver - Apps, Mobile & Voice, Lovie Awards (2022)

High adoption

Digital adoption rate of +50% for self-service in some stores

The concept is rolled out across all of AO's 51 stores

02. WORK
E-commerce pioneer

Award-winning E-business app


Multiple APIs and services, one point of contact


React Native

Tech Stack

Microsoft Azure, Backend for Frontend (BFF), AppCenter, Crashlytics

Cutting edge

Digital-meets-physical app


Installers don’t need normal 

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That’s great customer service. Which is exactly what AO, a family-owned company and one of Denmark’s leading construction wholesalers, wanted to deliver with its digital-meets-physical A0365 app 

Installers often start work hours before the stores open. And sometimes even after they close. Which makes “normal store hours” in this industry irrelevant. What AO’s customers need is flexibility – and lots of it.  

Here’s how we helped them build an award-winning self-service app. 


‘Our warehouse, is your warehouse’

Launched in 2021, the AO365 app is built on a new, modern micro-service architecture. By connecting AO’s digital and store experiences, it brings AO’s motto of Our warehouse is your warehouse” to life for Denmark’s installers.  

From dusk… 

With just three swipes on the AO365 app, installers no longer need to wait until regular store opening hours to order, buy or pick up products.   

…To dawn  

During staffed hours, it adds value and convenience to the customer experience by enabling 100% self-service order check-out and pick-up – no standing in line required.  

And every minute in-between

But outside of staffed store hours is when the really good stuff happens. That’s when AO hands over the keys to their stores to their customers. Literally. Using the app, AO customers get a personal key to open the door to any AO store, turn off the alarm and check out goods. No store associate required.  

The numbers

AO365 has now been successfully rolled out across all of AO’s 51 Danish stores. Over one-quarter of its customers are using the self-service functionality in-store, with the digital adoption rate for self-service reaching +50% in some locations. 

Store associates love it too 

Installers also benefit from store associates spending less time on manual tasks likes scanning and checking-out goods, and more time answering queries, solving problems, and cultivating a remarkable in-store experience.

And AO is feeling the app love. In 2021, AO’s digital revenue grew by a record 536 million DKK to hit a total of 2,4 billion DKK. On top of this, AO has witnessed an all-time high of +50% of total turnover coming from digital

Our new IMPACT-designed AO365 app enables us to serve our customers wherever and whenever they need us, while at the same time freeing up our store associates to focus on providing a fantastic customer experience.

Stefan Funch JensenCDO/Director for E-commerce & Marketing, AO

The most efficient way ever to be an AO customer

Built around installer needs, we embedded these efficiency-boosting features into the app, meaning it’s never been easier to be an AO customer.  

  • Location and time-tracking  
  • Biometric login for convenient access  
  • Speedy scan-and-go service enabled by camera access  
  • Barcode scanners that directly add goods to the user’s card lists  
  • Options to buy online, self-service in-store or get one-hour delivery  
  • Personalised app front page, products, prices and features based on the user’s app history 
  • User and account management, enabling multiple accounts and orders to be handled at once 


Backend for Frontend (BFF)

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React Native framework

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Microsoft Azure

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Backend for Frontend
React Native framework
Microsoft Azure
Performance, analytics and diagnostics
07. The fine print


A&O Johansen A/S is one of the leading wholesalers in the construction industry. With more than 100 years of experience, 51 stores spread across the country – plus a handful in Sweden – 630 employees and more than 60,000 product lines, they are undoubtedly the experts in their field. 

Want more insights on our project with AO?

Jesper will tell you all about it. 

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Jesper Englund Hansen, Project Manager

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