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Over the past 20 years, we have helped some of Scandinavia's leading companies develop and implement their digital business on leading platforms.

We make the complex concrete

We build robust solutions that make processes automatic. Our solutions support the whole product through all stages. From inventory. Sales. Delivery. Returns. Until the product is retired from the product range. We build unique components to the platforms to meet your needs as well as those of your customers. Quality is a key word in our coding. We make sure the platform can keep up when expectations rise. Needs change. New markets.


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We collaborate with the strongest partners in the market

Our trademark is to use technology to create results.

The combination of the best developers and an in-depth understanding of digital commerce ensures market-leading technical quality and solutions that push the technology to its limits.

We primarily work with Sitecore, Umbraco, Ucommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and inriver.

The process is agile. Involving. effective

We build the platform while always looking for ways to optimise. We are open to changes as we go. As soon as parts of the overall solution are relatively complete, we let you test it. Tests, short iterations and frequent replanning mean continued improvement and high quality. You are of course deeply involved in the process and in the decision-making if a new direction has to be set. We know from experience that requirements often change as we go. And we are ready to accommodate these changes. Our most important job is to make sure that the solution lives up to your business needs and the expectations of your end customers.

With our B2B commerce platform, we have created a unique foundation for scaling and for ensuring a best-in-class shopping experience. We are now in a position to interact with and support our retailers in the entire process from inspiration to purchase, service/delivery and repurchase.

Mette LangkildeHead of Marketing & E-commerce, HAY

We aim for perfect performance

We think about performance in everything we do. Everything in the platform is built to provide the best shopping experience. Every single time. We fine-tune the solution with rich snippets, reduction of network calls and content which considers people as well as machines. Every little detail is optimised. This can be measured in the conversion.


We develop front-end as well as back-end, and we detach the two development processes from each other. This means that our front-end supports multiple platforms. Our focus is utillising the newest possibilities, such as offline handling, web push and perhaps even Web Bluetooth. This is how we create robust web platforms ready for the future. Always keeping your needs in mind.

We are passionate and focused on creating the best experiences for your end customers. We deliver quality and are not satisfied until you and your customers are happy with the platform.

Peter Fynboe SøllingTechnology Director

Companies come to us when they need a true collaborator. Not a supplier. With IMPACT, you get high-level professional expertise and business acumen. Together, we solve your digital challenges. If you trust us with a project, you will leave it in passionate hands. We will involve you through all project stages.

Innovation and the latest technologies

IMPACT tries and tests the latest technologies to support unique shopping experiences which can perform at a global scale. We set aside time each month for our architects and developers to try them out and make sure that we are at the cutting edge. This means that we can provide advisory services at the highest level and choose the right technologies for any need. A selection of technologies and tools in which we are highly competent are shown below.


Endless amounts of product data, complex maintenance and difficult channel distribution. There are many reasons to structure your product data, and a PIM system will create an overview and strengthen the usability of your product data. The system collects all product information in one place, which makes it easy to get an overview of each product’s hierarchies, relations, descriptions, attributes and language versions regardless of the number of products you offer to your customer. One truth about the product across channels.


More than 50% of the Danish population shop on mobile devices. Globally, sales through mobile devices are expected to reach more than DKK 20 billion in 2021. Mobile commerce and highly user-friendly commerce apps will be essential, whether your business operates in the B2B or B2C marketplace.

A successful app is based on a thorough pre-analysis and user analysis, as well as a clearly defined main purpose: What problems should the app solve for you and your customers?

Next, it is important that the app be developed by a strong UX & Design team. The app must not only look good but must solve problems for your customers and employees in an efficient, user-friendly manner.


An Order Management System (OMS)  connects your sales channels so that all orders are handled in one system. Offline and online are merged to sell products, track orders, update inventory and manage returns seamlessly across channels.

An OMS is the foundation of a seamless shopping experience. This reduces costs, gives you the latest status on orders and ensures faster time-to-market.


Microservice architecture is software architecture comprised of stand-alone services with independent APIs. Together, this constitutes a complete software solution.

Each microservice is responsible for its own business area and can handle multiple business areas and applications that use different technologies.

Microservice architecture minimizes costs, makes it easy to scale quickly, increases efficiency, creates secure performance and future-proof architecture, as well as an agile business.

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