MODERNISE YOUR CONTENT AND Experience management

Looking for a dynamic MACH solution for building forward-thinking, immersive customer experiences with content? Look no further than Amplience.

Do more. Better. Faster.  

Innovate faster and deliver more powerful experience. By removing bottlenecks and embracing agility, Amplience gives you the freedom to do more — more campaigns, more shoppable experiences, more personalisation and more visualisation.   

In 2023, the customer journey is longer and more complex than ever before – spread across many touchpoints from web to mobile, apps to social. And that calls for on-demand and hyper-personalised content. Content that needs to be tested, iterated and optimised. Repeatedly 

Amplience empowers businesses to deliver dynamic and engaging content experiences across all digital touchpoints, revolutionising the way brands connect with their audiences. 

As an API-first, integrated Content Management System (CMS) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform, Amplience offers a range of powerful features that help streamline your content management. 

Whether it’s web, mobile, social media, or emerging platforms, the platform ensures that your content is seamlessly optimised for each channel, providing a unified brand experience that captivates your audience and drives conversion. 

3 Amplience features our clients love   

Here’s an overview of our three favourite Amplience features that help our clients gain a competitive advantage in mastering today’s customer journeys and delivering powerful shopping experiences that convert.  

1. Experience and content management 

Amplience is ideal for professionalising and future-proofing your content management strategy. Amplience Dynamic Content CMS enables you to model and create powerful experiences. Boost productivity with advanced planning, scheduling and preview capabilities. Create once, then publish everywhere. 

2. Digital asset management 

Amplience Content Hub is a post-production DAM that centralises all your rich assets and media into a single, easily accessible library. Organise and enrich your library, reourpose it everywhere and eliminate duplication.  

3. Rich media optimisation and delivery 

Making your customers fall for your visual content requires more than just some image optimisation. Amplience Dynamic Media is a headless image and video content management feature for taking control of and creating compelling rich media experiences on your most important product and landing pages. 



Amplience has got you covered when it comes to:

Transforming your content productivity

Compatible with your existing tech stack, and boasting well-documented APIs, modern SDKs and webhooks, building a content managed application with Amplience is a breeze.

Say goodbye to traditional, time-consuming content creation processes. The feature-rich platform offers a range of intuitive tools, from drag-and-drop editors to customisable templates, that empowers you to manage content without coding. 

This means that you can create digital experiences that pop in every channel, on every device, all the time. 

Personalising the customer experience

Personalisation is key to capturing your customers’ attention and building lasting relationships. Amplience leverages advanced AI-driven personalisation techniques to help you deliver tailored content experiences at scale.

From dynamic product recommendations to personalised offers, the platform empowers you to create individualised journeys that enhance customer satisfaction and boost revenue. 

Delivering the fastest mobile experiences

Eliminate slow-loading mobile experiences and unlock mobile conversion. Amplience is engineered for performance with the fastest available content delivery APIs on the planet.

Load balanced content delivery networks mean your images are always there. And lightning-fast media rendering means they always look sharp. 

Accelerating Time to Market

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, speed is essential. With Amplience, you can accelerate your time to market, ensuring your content reaches your audience precisely when and where they need it.

The agile platform streamlines the content production process, allowing you to quickly adapt to market trends, optimise campaigns, and stay ahead of the competition. 

Ensuring a scalable and Secure Infrastructure

Amplience understands the importance of a scalable and secure infrastructure in today’s digital landscape. The platform is built on robust cloud architecture, providing the reliability and scalability needed to support your growing business.

Rest easy knowing that your content is protected by enterprise-grade security measures, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your valuable assets. 

Ready to Transform Your Content and Experience Management?

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Mikkel Stærk