HiFi Klubben

Quality is a key word for HiFi Klubben. It characterizes their new omnichannel solution, which binds online and physical stores together.

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95 physical + 5 online


Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands


3rd place at the E-commerce Awards 2020 in the category of "Best omnichannel enterprise"






Optimizely CMS
inriver PIM

01. Executive Summary


HiFi Klubben does not compromise on quality – including in their efforts to create the ultimate omnichannel solution. With microservice IT architecture, they meet customers’ requirements for quality, speed and omnichannel, while an OMS system and PIM system create a unique cross-channel buying experience.

The solution is built on Optimizely, while an inriver PIM system has professionalized the use of product data.


conversion rate increase


digital sales growth


increase in collect-at-store use



Selling world-class sound online requires physical stores. The customers must be able to touch, see and, not least, listen. Therefore, it does not matter whether HiFi Klubben closes the sale online or offline – it is much more important that the two channels support each other.

As part of a larger redesign and strategy process, HiFi Klubben wanted to make the customer journey even less channel-dependent. Their 5 online stores and 95 physical stores – in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands – had to radiate the same quality as their products. The ambition was to create the ultimate omnichannel experience.

That was the start of HiFi Klubben 3.0.

HIFI Klubben Stereo Couple Omnichannel


When HiFi Klubben thinks omnichannel, it is not just about technical features; it is just as much about small features and sublime customer service that reduces channel friction and fuses the shopping experience. Click here to watch a video about HiFi Klubben 3.0.

IMPACT has helped HiFi Klubben with five tasks:

  • Providing modern IT architecture
  • Redesign implementation
  • Professional use of product data
  • Omnichannel features and services
  • Strategic dialogue

We chose IMPACT because they don't just provide technical development – they take responsibility and dare to challenge us, which has made our solution even better.

Karsten BirkelundDirector, eCommerce & Omnichannel, HiFi Klubben.


Selling quality sound online requires compelling product data. As part of HiFi Klubben 3.0, the use of product data also needed to be professionalized in order to radiate strong product knowledge and professionalism online.

Before IMPACT came into the picture, product enrichment took place directly on the digital commerce platform, which restricted the use of product data to their website. Communication, file exchange and the coordination of translations were handled via email, and it took many Excel sheets to keep track of product launches and priorities.

All of this resulted in unstructured processes and a longer-than-necessary time to market. To overcome the challenge, the PIM concept focused on:

  • Parallel enrichment process
    • Relevant user roles
    • Easier communication with translators directly in the system
    • Structured processes
HiFi Klubben Multi Room Omnichannel


HiFi Klubben’s ambitions required modern microservice IT architecture, which supports the customers’ requirements for quality, speed and omnichannel. HiFi Klubben’s solutions include an Order Management System (OMS) that will form the basis of a new, modern POS system. OMS makes it easy to process orders efficiently across multiple locations and warehouses.

The choice of microservices makes it easy for HiFi Klubben to scale and use the technologies best suited to each task. Time-to-market is reduced because the technologies work independently of each other.

HiFi Klubben’s solution is built on Episerver CMS, which enables a large number of editors in different countries to quickly send out campaigns and quality content about audio.

HiFi Klubben Omnichannel IMPACT surround

Inriver PIM has been chosen to handle their product data because the system fits well with the amount of product data. The implementation has structured the processes around product data so that it is more linear, without expensive intermediaries.

HiFi Klubben’s solution is in a league of its own. They have dared to invest in some of the latest technologies, which takes the omnichannel experience to new heights.

Morten QvistgaardSenior E-Business Consultant, IMPACT


Quality is a key word for HiFi Klubben. This is also a characteristic of their new solution. They have created one large online showroom, full of inspiration and advice.

With services such as extended returns and extended warranty, customer club members eliminate the uncertainty of shopping for exclusive audio systems online.

At the same time, HiFi Klubben connects online and the physical stores by allowing customers to book a free listening experience in their local store. On the product pages, customers can see the demonstration model’s availability and the product’s stock status.

Customers will also be invited to the physical stores via events and omnichannel features such as collect-at-store. This strengthens customers’ connection to HiFi Klubben and especially to their local store.

The physical stores have also been given a makeover. They function more as demo rooms, where the listening experience is central. All products can be sent from the main warehouse in a very short time, either to the store – for the final advice and guidance – or directly to the customer. The sales assistants can complete the purchase anywhere in the store with a tablet or phone.

PIM 3.0

Professionalizing the product data has improved the online shopping experience. Customers are greeted by product descriptions in a class of their own. They are considerably longer than typical product descriptions, because they cover every aspect of the individual products. At the same time, customers receive an expert assessment of the individual products, links to reviews and views of relevant accessories.

HiFi Klubben is in the process of improving their PIM setup. The enrichment and translation process has been streamlined and they have a scalable inriver PIM-setup that matches their ambitions.

When the PIM system is fully implemented, HiFi Klubben will be able to:

  • Expand the product range with spare parts
  • Directly integrate with translation agencies
  • Expand with “Contribute ” to allow their suppliers to participate in the enrichment process
  • Add more channels
HiFi Klubben Gammel mand IMPACT Omnichannel

We have gone from unstructured data to structured data that can be filtered and searched, and it has become easier to edit products in bulk. In the long term, our PIM setup will create great value for us.

Karsten BirkelundDirector, eCommerce & Omnichannel, HiFi Klubben.

Over the course of a year, HiFi Klubben has several major product launches. This has also become easier to handle with the new PIM setup. They can get the products online faster, while flagging the most important ones for priority enrichment.



HiFi Klubben’s new omnichannel solution resonates with the market. The solution took the 2020 bronze medal e-commerce award in the  “Best Omnichannel Company” category, and in a short time the solution has boosted revenue.


conversion rate increase


digital sales growth


increase in collect-at-store use