Enable your commerce team to create and scale up.

Why Commercetools? 

Partnering up with us and commercetools means enabling your digital commerce to scale up and go to market faster.  

Agile and cloud-native 

Firstly, this commerce platform puts flexibility and performance above all – and that’s essential for any modern digital commerce setup. 

Secondly, you’re looking at a cloud-first enterprise platform based on a microservice architecture. And if you don’t talk tech, this means that you’re able to quickly add or exchange technology as you go instead of shaking up your entire IT setup every time you have minor changes. It’s undoubtedly a competitive advantage as you’ll experience speedier time-to-market for new products and be able to test-run new tech in your system landscape. 

commercetools operates using a MACH architecture – a set of 4 principles behind new, best-of-breed technology platforms.  

MACH – your new favourite acronym 

The 4 principles for MACH are relevant for any commerce team in it for the long run. If you care about a future-proof and scalable digital commerce setup, you’ll want to be a part of the MACH club.  

  • Microservices-based lets you independently develop, deploy and manage individual business features and functionalities.
  • API-first means that you can easily combine more applications or services. 
  • Cloud-native helps you leverage the full capabilities of the cloud and eliminates the constant need for handling upgrades.
  • Headless’ benefit of being decoupled from other platforms offers complete design and front-end freedom. 


The headless infrastructure also integrates with other tools and third-party frontends, making commerce experiences rich, connected, and available everywhere. 

An omnichannel favourite for a reason 

commercetools offers a wide range of integrations, making it ideal for creating proper omnichannel customer experiences. It doesn’t matter much whether your digital shelves are packed with add-to-basket items or if you offer click-and-collect solutions – no product or industry is too complex for commercetools. 

On top of this, the functionality when it comes to product data, prices and discounts are sublime with commercetools. And your commerce team? They’ll easily be able to adjust and replace product information and alter prices for campaigns and the like. In other words, welcome an agile way of working that benefits your team and your customers.  

It doesn’t matter much whether your digital shelves are packed with add-to-basket items or if you offer click-and-collect solutions – no product or industry is too complex for commercetools

Mikkel StærkTechnology Director, IMPACT
Don’t just take our words for it 

… take digital frontrunners Trendhim and PWT Group’s words for it. The two award-winning e-commerce retailers are all-in on creating next-level digital commerce experiences, and to do so, they’ve teamed up with the German-born platform. Read all the details about their partnerships with commercetools here and here.

5 benefits of commercetools

1. A frontrunner in headless
With a completely decoupled front-end user experience and back-end logic, you’ll have absolute creative freedom in designing user interfaces and connecting to other channels and devices. Fancy the CMS system you’re already using? You can keep all your other favourite tech that helps keep your digital business going.

2. Zero monolith, more MACH
The cloud-native platform – built on and run from the cloud – ensures performance faster than ever. If your daily worries include slow performance, lack of scalability and data security, you’ll be thrilled to get the MACH benefits of a Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless platform.

3. Agile and scalable
The headless platform offers a high-speed time-to-market – both when talking upscaling traffic as well as new markets. This agile and less time-consuming approach is powered by commercetools’ choice to configure, not code.

4. B2B, B2C and omni fit
You're looking at a very flexible commerce logic ensuring that the platform caters seamlessly to both B2B and B2C businesses. No matter who you’re selling to and whether you’re selling online, offline or both commercetools has got you covered.

5. Forget about maintenance
Let commercetools do the hard work. While they make sure to automatically update the platform nothing less than 500 times a year, you can sit back, save time and money on maintenance and focus on what matters to your business. Also, prices are completely transparent with commercetools, and the license you pay is all you need to pay. No surprises, heaps of freedom.

Why choose us as your Commercetools partner?  

With us on board, you’ve got a partner with a dedicated commercial focus, a cross-disciplinary execution setup and more than 20 years of experience. In short, we excel in everything from management consulting and implementation to operations and digital marketing.  

Our team of 400 skilled consultants, designers, developers and likeminded are excited to take on your next project, challenge your assumptions and elevate your results. 

Want to learn more about commercetools?

Get in touch with Mikkel StærkTechnology Director at IMPACT.

Mikkel Stærk