Is your CMS holding you back? Craft content experiences the faster way with Contentful’s headless content management platform.


Looking for a future-proof, decoupled content platform to accelerate your digital innovation? You can stop searching.   

Contentful’s pioneering content platform helps you manage and deliver remarkable experiences across every digital touchpoint, faster.  

You should choose Contentful if your goal is to eliminate content silos, streamline processes, distribute content more efficiently and invest in a platform that grows with your business.  

Oh, and it’ll keep your developers happy too.  

Contentful’s flexible, API-first approach allows for deep UI customisation, advanced content automation on the backend and seamless integrations; meaning it adapts to your exact business needs. In short; everything your business needs to build engaging omnichannel content experiences at scale.  

Contentful’s workflow translations and global content capabilities are in high demand with enterprise organisations. Combined with its ability to bring content creators together to structure, plan and execute content plans more effectively, this flexible and frictionless content platform is one we’re delighted to offer to our clients.

MIKKEL STÆRKTechnology Director at IMPACT
Speed up content creation  

Creating content should be simple – and fast. But all too often, it’s neither. Content silos caused by hard-coded content and too many systems burden your developers and content creators, slow down time-to-market and increase the cost of content production.  

The answer? A collaborative platform that centralises your content – and your teams – into a single hub.  

In Contentful’s content platform, user-friendly workflows make it simple to take control of your content assets and brand message across every relevant channel and location; whether that’s your website, app or even a chatbot. Exceptional omnichannel experiences guaranteed.  

Publish content when you need, where you need it  

As your business grows, so does the amount of content you need to create and distribute across your digital touchpoints.  

Contentful enables you to reuse and automate high-performing content across markets, channels and customer journeys at a moment’s notice, so your content always gets seen by the right person, at the right time, on the right channel.  

Video, text, images, code, structured documents and music. It’s all covered.  

Plus, its auto-scaling infrastructure means you won’t have to worry about disruptive downtime and maintenance windows.

Go API-first  

Expanding your reach and building ever-more meaningful experiences across your digital touchpoints is essential for success. And that means you need to get experimenting!

Contentful’s API-first platform provides the tools you need to rapidly launch, test, personalize and optimise original content experiences across channels without a big upfront investment.

Adapt to changing needs 

Businesses are constantly striving to react to changing market, consumer and technology trends. Old fashioned CMSes? Not so much.  

As customer demands skyrocket and touchpoints multiply, being agile and quickly adapting your content to new markets and channels is essential.  

With Contentful, data models and architecture flexibility decrease timetovalue, while SDKs, open source field editors and design systems in the App Framework reduce developer spend on swiftly customising, building and deploying apps. 

Integrate with your existing tech stack  

You can’t rebuild your tech stack from scratch when you make the leap to a new platform. This means that your chosen platform must seamlessly slot into your existing ecosystem.  

Contentful’s production-ready framework supports building integrations and future-proofs your infrastructure while leveraging in-house and third-party software, so you spend less time and money on sourcing and on-boarding new technologies. 

We are very excited to announce that IMPACT is partnering with Contentful. This collaboration accelerates the composable commerce movement by unifying headless commerce with headless content management from Contentful, empowering IMPACT’s customers to simplify and accelerate their digital innovation.



1. Get eyeballs on your content, faster
Launch new digital experiences and drive business impact faster with Contentful's powerful and easy-to-use tools.

2. Developer-friendly
Developers can use their favourite coding languages and frameworks to build future-ready content models with Contentful's language-agnostic approach.

3.Endlessly extensible
Customise interfaces, automate workflows and launch features with pre-built, self-built or third-party integrated apps connected across your stack.

4. Innovate at scale
If your CMS doesn’t scale with your business, then it’s slowing you down. Unify your content and streamline global, omnichannel delivery with Contentful's scalable content architecture and governance tools.

5. Reliability
Minimise risk as you innovate with superior cloud infrastructure, security, privacy and compliance standards built with enterprises in mind.

Composable commerce for organisations in B2B and B2C is at an all-time high, and content is the connecting tissue of every world-class digital shopping experience. The partnership and strong relationship between Contentful and IMPACT, who we see as one of the leaders in composable commerce, is an exciting opportunity to help customers capitalise on their content as a strategic asset in the digital-first world

Mats HellströmRegional Partner Manager, Nordics at Contentful

With us on board, you’ve got a partner with a dedicated commercial and business focus, a cross-disciplinary execution setup and more than 20 years of experience. In short, we excel in everything from management consulting and implementation to operations and digital marketing.    

Our team of 350+ skilled consultants, designers, developers and likeminded are excited to take on your next project, challenge your assumptions and elevate your results.   

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Mikkel Stærk