Product Information Management (PIM)

Product Information Management (PIM): Structure your product data and gain a strategic advantage.


A PIM system creates an overview and strengthens the usability of product data. The system gathers all the product information in one place.

PIM makes it easy to overview product hierarchies, relationships, descriptions, attributes, and translations, regardless of how many products you offer your customers. One truth about the product across channels.




Webinar: Speed up digital and boost sales

Get behind the PIM setup on cases like Abena, Hay and Fleggaard and learn how they utilise their product data to optimise processes. Read more here.


A successfully implemented PIM system has a positive impact on both the top and bottom lines.

With structured data, you can be effectively present in multiple markets, on multichannels, multilingually and with a larger product offering.

A PIM system helps you to bring manual and human-dependent processes to life. It increases efficiency, speeds up time-to-market for new products and increases the quality of your data and processes.

Choice of PIM Partner


A successful PIM project depends on thorough preparation. Data and processes must be structured in an appropriate way from the start.

It is essential that you start by getting an overview of how data is created and enriched and how it generally flows in your organization and systems.

At IMPACT, we typically attack PIM projects in a four-phase approach:

  • Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Transition
  • Roll-out

We help with a strategically crucial consultation during the analysis phase, so that you can make a thorough analysis, make the right decisions, and implement measures that ensure the best possible foundation for a successful PIM implementation.

We help define the project and process organization that will run PIM in your company.

If you have in-house developer teams, we act as a consulting partner so that everything runs smoothly.


IMPACT is an inriver Platinum Partner. In 2019 and 2020, we were named inriver Partner of the Year.

This means that through insight gained from previous implementations at our customers’ sites, we can provide you with the optimal consulting on PIM system choice, set-up, and implementation.

Se vores PIM-cases her: Abena, HAY og Carl Hansen og Søn.

Impact fik prisen som pim nRiver partner of the year 2018

IMPACTs strength is their ability to work with complex organisations and challenging projects, while securing great results for the customers.

Jesper LarsenVice President, partner i inriver

Brands we've helped with PIM

Omnichannel starts with PIM

A PIM system is a necessity for giving customers a good omnichannel experience. It provides them with the information they need about the products.

With a structured overview of products and product data, you can create relevant, personalized content for customers and save time when marketing your products.

By always taking a holistic and strategic approach to PIM projects, we ensure that you always get the best possible solution. Our experience and industrial insight ensure that you reap all the benefits – every time!

Sune Rasmussen, Manager Master Data PIM
Sune RasmussenManager, Master Data & PIM


Is your organization facing a PIM project and would you like to discuss your considerations before you start?

Then get in touch with us. We have many years’ experiences with Product Information Management, as well as some of Denmark’s most talented consultants in the field.

Do you need help with PIM?

Reach out to Sune Rasmussen, Manager, Master Data & PIM, if you need counselling or help with implementing PIM systems.

Sune Rasmussen, Manager Master Data PIM