ELKJØP NORDIC AND IMPACT COMMERCE partner for e-commerce operational excellence

IMPACT Commerce is working with Elkjøp Nordic to optimise its e-commerce setup to achieve smarter, better, and data-driven seamless commerce across all channels.


Although Elkjøp Nordic, also known as Elgiganten, already has a modern tech stack, it recognises that the global Covid-19 pandemic caused a lot of ongoing changes in customer behaviour.

Elkjøp Nordic has chosen to partner with IMPACT Commerce to make sure that the existing setup it has is optimised to deliver a truly seamless omnichannel experience that can evolve with the consumer. This will give Elkjøp Nordic a significant competitive advantage.

It’s important to make sure that the tech stack choices we made previously are still applicable in today’s environment. We want to be able to respond even faster to customer requirements, including giving our back office the best tools to support the end consumer.

Julia PaulsenDirector E-Commerce Nordics at Elkjøp Nordic


For Elkjøp Nordic, this collaboration isn’t about changing out its entire tech stack for something new. The company has already invested in a modern platform of composable commerce, MACH architecture, and a headless API-first approach. This project is focused on strategically optimising this setup to improve the technical performance, customer experience, and – ultimately – commercial performance.

Optimisation sounds simple, but it’s far from it. To achieve Elkjøp Nordic’s strategic goal of a seamless omnichannel experience, we must tie together platform, store, and customer data.

Seamless customer experience is more than just a buzzword for us. We really want to make sure that the customer can shop with us where they want and when they want, and to make sure the online experience we are delivering is on par with the excellence of our stores.

Julia PaulsenDirector E-Commerce Nordics at Elkjøp Nordic


To get the most from its setup, it is important for Elkjøp Nordic to get an outside view from a partner with actual experience with omnichannel and unified commerce – which is why it has come to IMPACT Commerce.

“IMPACT Commerce’s reputation proceeds them. They have a great track record of projects and are experts in the commerce elements that we want to deep dive into. IMPACT Commerce is able to give us a very honest view on how we can push our existing tech stack to the next level,” says Julia Paulsen.

We are taking a smarter, data-driven approach to Elkjøp Nordic’s omnichannel commerce setup that will help it improve efficiency and processes, as well as leverage data to provide the best-in-class personalised experiences consumers are looking for.

Alongside our Commerce and CRM architecture expertise, our knowledge of the Nordic market is also a key factor in this project. Instead of making assumptions about end consumer behavior or the competitive landscape, we base our recommendations on first-hand insight. By bringing together our local market expertise and commerce tech stack knowledge, we can help Elkjøp Nordic achieve its omnichannel goal,” says Stian Prestegård, Country Director – IMPACT Commerce Norway

It’s easy to find experts who know Europe or the US very well and have a lot of reference cases from there, but they don’t really understand the complexity of retail in the Nordics – especially around how the last mile and customer needs effect the commerce space. It is really great to find a partner who understands not just the tech part but also the local landscape and the customer.

Julia PaulsenDirector E-Commerce Nordics at Elkjøp Nordic
About Elkjøp Nordic
  • Elkjøp is the leading electronics retailer in the Nordic
  • Annual turnover of 50 BNOK (4,5 BEUR)
  • 427 stores throughout the Nordics
  • 11.000 employees
  • Subsidiary of Currys (9,5 BGB)



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