GN Hearing partners with IMPACT Commerce to transform its B2B commerce setup

GN Hearing’s journey from analogue to agile

In a radical move towards digital transformation, one of the world’s biggest hearing aid providers, GN Hearing, has joined forces with IMPACT Commerce to upgrade its outdated e-commerce infrastructure. This marks a significant leap towards better customer experiences, streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency.  

GN Hearing’s existing commerce solution, in use for over a decade, relies on manual and analogue order handling processes. This has resulted in a complex and fragmented IT landscape that struggles to meet the demands of the modern digital age. 

The current setup is unable to handle the volume of tasks effectively and fails to attract substantial online usage. Moreover, a significant portion of the communication between GN Hearing and audiologists still relies on outdated analogue methods like fax

Kenneth UllmannVice President, Digital Business at GN Group

So, with an overarching objective to create a streamlined business environment with efficient processes that could better serve both customers and employees, GN Hearing teamed up with IMPACT Commerce.  

Salesforce at the core

By opting for a best-of-suite approach and adopting Salesforce as the core customer engagement platform, GN Hearing aims to establish a more coherent data model.

This choice ensures easier access to data, a more harmonious flow of information, and enhanced competency within a single technology ecosystem. 

The new solution will focus on improving customer experiences by providing a faster, more mobile-friendly website with a decoupled, headless front-end, as well as better utilisation of customer data. 

Moreover, employees within GN Hearing will benefit from better tools and streamlined processes for order handling. The optimised processes are projected to enhance internal efficiency, enabling GN Hearing to allocate resources more strategically across the organisation. 

A change management task

The transformation process comes with its set of challenges, especially regarding change management.  

Both internally and externally, the new setup requires a massive shift towards digital interaction and involves automation and systemisation of several processes that used to be manual or analogue.  

“We acknowledge that this transition won’t happen overnight – but we are committed to moving forward in a phased approach, tightening existing processes and creating a more efficient and streamlined environment,” says Ole Rix, Partner and Head of PMO at IMPACT Commerce 

Why IMPACT Commerce?

The collaboration between IMPACT Commerce and GN Hearing isn‘t the first of its kind. Prior to this venture, we’ve successfully navigated a commerce journey with the GN-owned brand, Jabra. This involved transitioning Jabra’s global commerce solution to Salesforce Commerce Cloud.  

Our previous collaborations have been highly successful and have also provided IMPACT Commerce with a deep understanding of GN Hearing’s organisational dynamics and operations. This expertise and familiarity have proven invaluable in shaping the trajectory of this partnership

Kenneth UllmannVice President, Digital Business at GN Group 

Having initially acted as a tech advisor, IMPACT Commerce has transitioned to a more active role. We are now leading and developing the implementation of the new platform while also ensuring knowledge transfer and capability building within GN Hearing’s own organisation 

“Our mission isn’t to take charge, but to build a foundation for GN Hearing’s self-reliance. We’re here as consultants and supporters, helping our clients establish a self-sustaining organisational structure that can persist in the future,” says Ole Rix, Partner and Head of PMO at IMPACT Commerce 

Partnership with purpose

At IMPACT Commerce, we’ve got a simple mission: to bring positive change to commerce.  

That’s why we’re extremely proud to be partnering up with GN Hearing – a purpose-driven company dedicated to transforming the lives of those with hearing impairments and with a strong commitment to diversity in the workplace. 

We’re excited to bring our expertise to the table, knowing that our work contributes to something impactful and meaningful. 

Do you want us to transform your B2B commerce setup?

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