Commerce for the better

We're excited to introduce Louise Klüwer, our new Sustainability Lead, who'll empower everyone at IMPACT Commerce in our quest to change commerce for the better.

At IMPACT Commerce we’re all about pushing the boundaries in digital commerce. We recognise that commerce has a substantial impact on both people and the planet – and that’s something we want to address.  

We want to inspire and create a new normal in commerce – so much so that we’ve made it our purpose to ‘Change Commerce For The Better’.  

Therefore, we’re really proud to announce that we’re taking a significant step forward by welcoming Louise Klüwer as our new Sustainability lead.  

Our decision to hire a Sustainability Lead isn’t just about staying ahead of the curve; it’s about leading the change toward a more environmentally conscious and responsible digital commerce industry.

Kasper HolstCEO at IMPACT Commerce


Louise brings a diverse background and a wealth of experience in sustainability to the table, making her an ideal match for our mission to change commerce for the better. 

With her extensive track record, which includes collaborating with renowned brands such as IKEA, LEGO, and Adidas, Louise possesses a deep understanding of change management, concept development, and strategy.  

Louise has a rich history in the digital sphere, where her experience extends to both the client-facing side, involving sales and execution, and the internal realm, where she’s worked with ESG and the global B Corp framework. 

That’s precisely why she’s a perfect fit for IMPACT Commerce, where she’ll take on a dual role: focusing on driving internal sustainability activities and serving as a dedicated consultant for our clients seeking sustainable solutions.

In this piece, we’ve asked Louise to share her insights, motivations, and plans for shaping IMPACT Commerce’s sustainable future. 


Commerce and sustainability, at first glance, might seem incompatible. Commerce thrives on consumption which at its core, often falls short of sustainability standards.  

Yet, Louise sees this paradox as an invitation; a unique opportunity to reshape an industry where transformation is long overdue. 

“Honestly, I see the paradox – commerce equals consumption, and consumption, at its core, isn’t yet very sustainable. Moreover, the industry is falling behind when it comes to turning sustainability ambitions into solutions for its customers. But I think that’s even more reason to tap into this exact space. To create a new normal and inspire change in an industry where it really matters,” says Louise. 

So, we’ve asked Louise what sustainable commerce is to her.  

Her answer? That it’s all about balancing profit, people, and the planet; one should not come at the expense of the others.  

“I wholeheartedly believe that adopting a sustainable commerce strategy holds the key to unlocking new opportunities for purposeful growth. It can help boost profits, drive optimisation, reduce costs, mitigate risks, attract top talent, and foster innovative business models, to name just a few benefits,” Louise says.

So, there’s plenty of good reasons for businesses to venture into sustainable commerce.  

In fact, Louise also highlights that businesses boasting high ESG scores tend to outperform competitors.

Sustainability should not be viewed as a hindrance to profits but rather as a catalyst for positive change and meaningful growth.

Louise Klüwer Sustainability Lead at IMPACT Commerce.

So, how will Louise support our clients? 

“It’s all about scoping, conceptualising, and translating sustainability into measurable parameters. My finest task will be to develop, in collaboration with the teams, a common language and a refined toolbox for the consultants to discuss sustainability with clients effectively,” says Louise.  

In her dual function as both an internal and client-facing role, Louise will not only be developing internal processes – she’ll also be called in as a specialist adviser on various projects.

“We are already making progress on the sustainability agenda in several projects with our clients – spanning across industries and including both B2C and B2B clients,” says Louise. 

Some of the areas that we’re already focusing on include: 

“In these projects, we’re focusing on developing tailored strategies, ranging from business development to tactical measures, to meet each client’s unique sustainability need,” Louise elaborates. 

And the ambitions are high. Louise has a clear vision to make sustainability measures part of the key performance indicators of every case.  

“I picture a future where sustainability is woven into the fabric of every project at IMPACT Commerce, and success is defined by achieving a balance between profit, people, and the planet…” Louise emphasises and continues: 

... because what’s profit and growth worth, if it’s not doing any good?

Louise KlüwerSustainability Lead at IMPACT Commerce.


In the commerce industry today, there’s an obvious gap between ambitious goals and tangible actions. Louise, however, believes that IMPACT Commerce can play a pivotal role in bridging this gap.  

“The key lies in delivering sustainable solutions and empowering our clients to nudge their customer towards more sustainable consumption. I see a huge potential for IMPACT Commerce to become a leading force in changing commerce for the better,” Louise underlines.  

When asked why she chose to join IMPACT Commerce, she both highlights this potential to make a difference in an industry where it really matters – but also, she emphasises:  

“I was inspired by the fact that IMPACT Commerce is taking a big step forward by hiring a profile solely dedicated to driving sustainable change – something that is not that common in the commerce agency industry. That shows ambition and a willingness to take action”  


So, how will she help ensure that IMPACT Commerce continue this path? 

For Louise, it’s all about taking the lead and pushing the boundaries of commerce with ambition, curiosity, and empowerment.  

This involves integrating sustainability into the core operations and fostering collaboration across departments to ensure that sustainability is a fundamental part of every project and service,” Louise says and continues: 

“...and we must practice what we preach. That’s why we’ve decided to give back 5% of our profit this year to innovative projects that inspire and accelerate the transformation of commerce for the better,” 

Louise KlüwerSustainability Lead at IMPACT Commerce

Speaking of ambitions, Louise also aspires to investigate the potential of IMPACT Commerce becoming B Corp-certified.  

“As a B Leader, I’m naturally curious about IMPACT Commerce joining the B Corp Movement, upholding the highest standards for social and environmental impact. It aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainable commerce and will definitely be on the drawing board for our future initiatives in sustainability,” says Louise. 

Want to join the movement?

Reach out to Louise. She’ll help you get started on your journey towards a more sustainable form of commerce.