Enhancing the customer experience with seamless data management

We’re partnering with ILVA to revamp its data management system and automation setup, enabling exceptional and personalised customer experiences.

ILVA, a prominent player in the home furnishing industry, seeks to gain a deeper understanding of its diverse customer base and harness the wealth of online and offline data at their disposal.  

To realise this vision, ILVA needs a robust Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution that can seamlessly unify these data points, facilitating the development of a more holistic marketing approach. 

We've been considering integrating a CDP solution for a while now because we had a significant need to better understand our customers to deliver more personalised experiences. There's no doubt that it's absolutely crucial in today's business landscape. Sooner or later, the train is moving – and we want to be on board.

René FlemingDirector Sales & Marketing at ILVA


To work efficiently and ensure that the solution will create substantial business value at the get-go, we initiated our collaboration with a discovery phase.  

At IMPACT Extend, asking our customers ‘why’ is a fundamental part of our best practices when forging a new partnership. Because often, there’s a misalignment between perceived needs and actual business requirements. And to provide the best guidance, we need to have a profound understanding of the vision, actual use-cases and the expected outcomes.

Kenni Wiltoft RostgaardSenior Strategic Consultant at IMPACT Extend

So, we asked ILVA why they need a CDP and what specific objectives they aim to achieve with it.   

This question laid the foundation for the preliminary discovery phase which included defining a vision, business case, customer centric use-cases and a MarTech roadmap, as well as a walk-through of the best suitable CDP for their expressed needs and ambitions.

These evaluations are vital to tailor a solution that seamlessly integrates with ILVA’s existing MarTech landscape while still ensuring that we can realise the use-cases and not hitting the glass ceiling in the nearest future. 

Three clear objectives

Through comprehensive research, data analysis, and a series of workshops, we gained a clear idea of what exactly ILVA seeks to gain from implementing a new CDP.  

Summarised, ILVA aims to:  

1. Re-establish the brand associations

of the ILVA-brand towards three primary target groups with increased use of differentiated campaigns across channels.

2. Elevate its brand loyalty

through tailored and highly targeted communication to outperform their main competitors.

3. Claim ownership of its customer data

as this is crucial in an online sphere of continuous, increased privacy legislation, and depreciation of third-party cookies.  

We then conducted a business case with a projected ROI to empower ILVA in making not only an informed decision but also provide them with the numbers to expedite the approval of the project.  


Based on the findings during the discovery phase, we identified three pitfalls in ILVA’s current setup that could potentially lead to unrealised revenue:  

  1. Insufficient unified data foundation for customer data activation 
  2. Lacking streamlined consent management 
  3. Untapped potential in the utilisation of the current marketing automation platform  

To address these challenges and ensure seamless cross-channel customer experiences, ILVA needs to fully embrace the CDP technology, optimise its consent management, and implement a future-proofed marketing automation platform.  

Selecting the right Customer Data Platform (CDP) depends on its compatibility with your existing tech stack. For instance, ILVA's old marketing automation platform faced integration issues with many CDPs. Therefore, we supported ILVA in uncovering these technical, commercial, and operational details to guide towards the ideal platform(s)

Morten RyesbergSenior Martech Consultant at IMPACT Extend

In this case, ILVA has chosen to adopt a tech stack combining mParticle, RubiqCloud, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

building the foundation for a loyalty programme

With this partnership, ILVA is ready to significantly enhance its customer loyalty strategies. The implementation of the CDP, consent management and marketing automation setup is only the first step in ILVA’s journey towards delivering more personalised and improved customer experiences.  

The setup executed by IMPACT Extend will serve as an enabler for the development of ILVA’s future customer loyalty programme.  

By tracking customer interactions across all channels and gaining insights into their past journeys, we’ll be able to predict future customer journeys and leverage these insights in a new loyalty programme. But for now, we plan to utilise internal resources to kickstart our loyalty journey.

René FlemingDirector Sales & Marketing at ILVA

Why IMPACT Extend?

For ILVA, it was crucial to find a partner with documented success in aligning technology with business goals.  

Claus Enggaard Pedersen, Digital Performance Manager at ILVA, emphasised that: 

For us, it is very important to find a partner who can not only provide technical solutions but also offer strategic insights into our business. IMPACT Extend's track record, especially their work with Søstrene Grene, demonstrates their ability to do this

Claus Enggaard PedersenDigital Performance Manager at ILVA

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