Join this masterclass and learn how to leverage the power of composable commerce to achieve greater agility, flexibility, and scalability in your e-commerce setup.

Do you want to learn how to leverage the power of composable commerce to achieve greater agility, flexibility, and scalability? If so, then our Masterclass in Composable Commerce is the perfect fit for you!

Composable commerce is a powerful approach to building a flexible and scalable software that can be easily composed and recombined to meet changing business needs. 

Implementing a composable architecture allows your business to break free from the limitations of monolithic e-commerce platforms and create a truly dynamic, agile, and scalable e-commerce architecture that can adapt to changing market conditions, customer preferences, and technology innovations. 

However, selecting the appropriate architecture and systems to meet the project’s goals and long-term objectives can be challenging. But don’t you worry. We are ready to guide you through all of it!  

This masterclass is designed for CDOs, CTOs, CMOs or any head of IT, digital or e-commerce who want to stay ahead of the curve and explore the potential of composable commerce. Whether you’re just starting your e-commerce journey or looking to modernise your existing e-commerce architecture, this masterclass will give you the insights, skills, and strategies you need to move forward.

By attending this masterclass, you will learn how to design a business case, recognise common pitfalls, select technologies, stay customer-focused and manage stakeholder expectations.

When & where?

October 23, 2023


10am to 4pm


Mesh Nationaltheatret, Boardoom (106) MN, Tordenskiolds gate 2, 0160 Oslo

How much?
registration fee


Please note that you will receive an invoice by email after submitting your registration.

Cancellation of registration must be made in writing (email) to before October 9, 2023. No fees will be refunded after this date.

What to expect?


Mikkel Stærk

Group Technology Director and Partner at IMPACT Commerce

Introducing Mikkel, our tech-savvy who has 15 years of experience in e-commerce. He’s worked with a multitude of prestigious clients, including industry leaders such as Carlsberg, GN Hearing, Flügger, Hummel, 3 Mobile, Bang & Olufsen and even the iconic LEGO. His extraordinary tech-skills has made him a sought-after advisor in the industry and with his expertise, you can be confident that your e-commerce strategy will always be at the forefront of innovation.

Stian Prestegård

Country Director at IMPACT Commerce, Norway

With over 15 years of experience in digital commerce and technology, Stian Prestegård is a seasoned professional. He’s motivated by the mission of creating impactful and sustainable digital commerce solutions that enhance customer experience, loyalty, and satisfaction.

Mattias Stark

Sales Director at IMPACT Commerce, Sweden

Mattias represents leadership and entrepreneurship within the dynamic world of digital commerce. With over 20 years of experience in guiding companies to grow their online business, Mattias Stark can offer expertise to create innovative solutions with leading technology, business development and strong user experience.


In the safe hands of our specialists, you will be taken through everything you need to know to embark on your composable commerce journey and take the first step towards a more agile, flexible, and scalable e-commerce future:   

10.00: Welcome 
10.30: The Business Case – from a board perspective 
11.15: Group Work 
12.00: Lunch 
13.00: Selecting the right architecture and tech stack
14.00: Group work 
14.45: Short break 
15.00: Composable dilemmas 
15.45: Final Discussion

We keep it exclusive with a limited number of participants per masterclass, so do not hesitate to sign up as quickly as possible to secure your spot.


Do you have any questions?

Feel free to reach out to Stian. He’s eager to help.