Increase trust and compliance: Prepare for the digital product passport

Join our upcoming webinar when we explore the future of transparency and traceability, as well as navigating the upcoming digital product passport regulations.

As consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental and social impact of their shopping habits, the call for transparency and traceability is louder than ever.

These increasing demands, coupled with new regulations such as the EU’s Digital Product Passport initiative, are reshaping the commerce landscape.

Understanding and adapting to these shifts is not just a matter of compliance but a strategic opportunity to enhance trust, customer satisfaction and, ultimately, business success.

At our upcoming webinar, we’ll go through everything you need to know to navigate the evolving demands for more transparency and traceability in commerce.


April 09, 2024


From 10:00am - 10:40am CET




  • Gain deep insights into how transparency and traceability are influencing consumer behaviour.
  • Get an overview of the upcoming digital product passport regulations and what it’ll mean for your business.
  • Learn how implementing a proper PIM solution can help ensure accurate, comprehensive and easily accessible product information – a crucial component in building trust and meeting the demand of digital product passports.
  • Discover the potential that lies in viewing these regulations as an opportunity rather that a hurdle and learn why now is the perfect time to start preparing.
  • Get inspired by how other companies, both B2B and B2C, are seizing the business opportunity and preparing for the regulations.
  • Get practical advice on how to get started and what steps your business can take to align with new Digital Product Passport requirements.



Consulting Director PIM/MDM at IMPACT Commerce

Sivert is a seasoned consultant and solution architect specialising in Product Information Management (PIM). He’s an expert in driving digital transformation and sustainability initiatives, by leveraging technology to streamline compliance efforts, enhance data accuracy, and foster transparent relationships within the supply chain. With expertise spanning various sectors, Sivert focuses on enabling organisations to surpass environmental and compliance standards, leading them toward more responsible and efficient operations.


Sustainability Lead at IMPACT Commerce

As our sustainability expert Louise has valuable insights and is fully up to date on sustainability consumer insights, trends and regulations in this space of e-commerce. Louise holds the valuable ability to turn the complex world of sustainability and regulations into something tangible and actionable as she is highly motivated to change commerce for the better.

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