Navigating the digital future: B2B insights for growth and agility

Gain insights into the latest strategies for B2B success – from leveraging new technologies like generative AI to enhance operations and customer experiences, to understanding the process of digital transformation and how to ensure a smooth transition.

Want to stay at the forefront of digital transformation, enhance business agility and grow your B2B business?

Then our upcoming event, tailored to B2B business leaders, executives and professionals, is something you won’t want to miss.

Explore how embracing new technologies, such as generative AI, and leveraging data can optimise workflows, reduce costs and elevate your customer experience, so that you can transition from just being a supplier to a trusted, long-term partner.

Gain strategic insights into how to digitalise your sales processes and understand key considerations, such as channel conflicts, before embarking on a digital journey.

Learn how to address customer challenges through new, dedicated offerings and customised digital solutions – and how shifting your focus from selling on behalf of your vendors to buying on behalf of your customers can drive success.

Finish off with a lovely dinner prepared by a private chef in the beautiful surroundings of our new office – the perfect opportunity to network and share insights with fellow industry professionals.

Agenda TBC.

When & where?

April 3, 2024


Event: From 3.30pm to 6:30pm CET
Dinner: From 6.30pm CET


IMPACT Commerce
Laplandsgade 4a, 1. floor
2300 Copenhagen



Founder, AI Alchemy Hub

Dr. Mozhgan Tavakolifard is a TEDx Speaker, AI Executive, Tech Entrepeneur and C-Suite Advisor. She’s an expert in blending cutting-edge AI and data analytics with profound conscious insights for a holistic business transformation.


Global E-Commerce Product Owner, Honeywell

Andrei Bujor is an experienced E-commerce and Digital Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Health, Wellness & Fitness industry. He excels in digital transformation and implementation of global e-commerce platforms, known for applying learnings from B2C into a B2B context.


E-Commerce & Digital Tools Director, Grundfos

Thomas Ørgaard Bredgaard is an experienced digital Leader and internet enthusiast who has worked professionally with almost every aspect of the web since 1996, both on the consultant side and customer side of 100+ different websites.


VP Marketing, Communications & E-Commerce, Solar

With more than 25 years of marketing and digital experience working with some of the strongest B2B brands, such as Vestas and Maersk, and B2C brands, such as Jyllands-Posten, Morten Gleerup, has a proven track record of delivering measurable business results. He’s passionate about digital transformation and challenging the status quo, and he believes that the best solutions are reached when you combine strategic courage with digital opportunities and people’s passion.

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