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Conscious commerce in 2024 - 20 examples of how to gain success

Join our on-demand webinar and discover how to make your business more sustainable while maintaining profitability.

Join our on-demand webinar and discover how to make your business more sustainable while maintaining profitability. Learn from experts and gain insights into numerous concepts and real-life examples supporting the shift towards more sustainable commerce.

There is a new generation of consumers that expect companies to take their environmental and social footprint seriously – without compromising on convenience.

In addition to this, new legislation addressing corporate sustainability reporting has been on the rise across authorities in many regions.

As these demands grow and regulations expand, “sustainable commerce” is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a necessary and desirable strategy for businesses that want to stay on top of competition.

However, sustainability is complex, and even the smartest strategist can find it overwhelming to develop a durable and fulfilling strategy within this field.

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll guide you through the complex world of conscious commerce and showcase a plenitude of innovative concepts and real-life examples of businesses that are embracing the transition towards a more sustainable form of commerce.

what to expect


In this webinar, our expert panellists will share best practice examples, concepts, and proposals for initiatives at the intersection of sustainability and commerce.

The goal is to provide you with practical insights and a roadmap for making your digital commerce more sustainable, from quick wins to more substantial efforts.

Whether you’re starting your sustainability journey or enhancing existing efforts, this webinar offers a perfect opportunity to learn from industry leaders and discover new ideas to improve your business operations.

meet the speakers

Karoline Lotz Jonassen

Future Commerce Lead at IMPACT Commerce

Karoline is an accomplished expert in digital commerce strategy, future trends, and emerging tech. With a passion for sustainability, she specialises in helping retailers and brands develop and implement sustainable practices. She leads our Omnichannel Index’s sustainability efforts, and she has overseen a comprehensive re-commerce insights project, workshops, and concept development meetings regarding traceability and re-sale.

Tone Lysholm

Service Designer at IMPACT Commerce

As a Service Designer, Tone is a specialist in insights-driven strategy and design, with customer experience at the center. She specialises in investigating customer needs and aligning them with business strategy to drive innovation and change. Doing good for people and the planet is at the core of her design practice, and she always aims to help clients improve sustainability while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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