IMPACT enables advanced product traceability with SPOOR

At IMPACT Commerce, we’ve made it our purpose to change commerce for the better. That’s why we’re more than excited to welcome SPOOR, a pioneer in value chain traceability, to our client roster.

Cracking the code of product traceabililty

There’s a growing demand for more transparency and accountability throughout the value chain, especially with regulations such as the proposed Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation on the horizon.

That’s why the ability to trace products from source to consumers has become, and should be, a top priority.

However, implementing proper digital product passport requires increased digitisation, interconnected data sets, and better assessment of the environmental impact across product life cycles.

Managing the substantial amount of data demands a robust setup – and that’s exactly what we’ve helped SPOOR, a pioneer in value chain traceability, achieve.

Spoor leads the way with automated tracing

SPOOR provides complete traceability of leather materials – from cattle farms and abattoirs to rawhides and tanneries. This provides responsible brands with a remarkable chance to show accountability through authenticating the origin and transparency of their products.

But this level of transparency doesn’t come easily: it requires an advanced data foundation. That’s why SPOOR and IMPACT Commerce are partnering up.

Sustainability – a lesson for manufacturers 

But first, a bit more about SPOOR. The company is a part of the global market leader in high-quality rawhides, Scan-Hide, the natural evolution of the group’s efforts to innovate and create a more sustainable tomorrow.

For years, Scan-Hide has only sourced rawhides from Nordic farms that are committed to high animal welfare standards. Being a subsidiary of Danish Crown means that SPOOR has very close ties to both the owners and suppliers due to its cooperative structure. Furthermore, since the highest emissions occur in the fields, it makes perfect sense to collaborate in reducing the climate footprint and sharing valuable data.

Sustainability is our strategic driver at Scan-Hide, and with the establishment of SPOOR, we’re now able to add value to our leather through traceability and ESG data. The data and documentation makes our leather fully transparent to brands and end consumers.

Birgitte Holgaard LangerBusiness Development Director at SPOOR

Streamlined data for more transparency

Every year, more than one million hides are processed by Scan-Hide. Each hide comes with extensive data such as the cattle’s country of origin, breed, date and place of birth, where it was slaughtered and the climate impact.

All this product data needs to be collected, centralised and searched. That’s where IMPACT comes into the picture.

In the start up phase the leather was manually traced. By implementing a new Struct PIM system that simplifies the product information processes with an ultra-modern, searchable, single source of truth, all tracing can now be done automatically.

It’s now possible for SPOOR’s team to filter and quick-search its database of hide products according to each customer’s unique requirements. From there, it takes mere seconds to generate the relevant documentation for their purchase.

Beyond traceability

While the immediate use case for SPOOR lies in ensuring traceability of the hides they sell, it also sees an opportunity in delivering a strategic brand lever for responsible companies. Already now, companies like Roccamore Shoes, Marimekko and Fredericia Furniture are tapping into SPOOR’s technology to improve responsible sourcing and add value and transparency to end-users.

The ability to envision the project’s business development opportunities rather than just regard it as technical implementation was key in the selection of IMPACT as a partner for the project:

“To make our data infrastructure scalable, we needed data management and a PIM set-up to connect with SAP. Understanding the business perspective and the end-user behaviour was important, and IMPACT quickly understood our wishes,” explains Birgitte Holgaard Langer.

For IMPACT, the collaboration with SPOOR is very much a dream partnership:

Working with SPOOR ticks all the right boxes for IMPACT. We have a shared ambition to co-create a more sustainable tomorrow, and we’re excited to roll out PIM technology that creates experiences that are better for both people and the planet. On top of that, it’s a great cultural fit, and we’re proud to play a part in SPOOR’s journey in the coming years,

Anders GraversenMaster Data Consultant within PIM at IMPACT



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