ROSENDAHL gains 30% conversion uplift WHILE preserving BRAND EXPERIENCE

Learn how Rosendahl transformed its branded commerce platform into a profitable and user-friendly venture, achieving a significant 30% boost in conversion rates, enhanced digital revenue, and a seamless buying process.

01. Results

From 2022 until October 2023.


Due to improved conversion rates and Rosendahl’s ability to fully utilise the platform.


On the platform with a reduction in friction throughout the buying process.

02. Work
Balancing branding and commerce

Maintaining brand experience while improving commercial performance.

Conversion-focused strategy

Comprehensive Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) analysis, involving thorough data analytics and UX assessments.

User testing

Using both Hotjar heat-maps and interviews to validate hypotheses regarding friction and pain points in the user journey.

03. Story


Rosendahl Design Group serves as branded commerce platform, entrusted to protect renowned Danish design brands.

Therefore, our finest task was to build a branded universe that seamlessly combines branding and commerce features by leveraging our cross-functional competencies to create data-driven intelligent commerce.

However, this also meant that some traditional commerce tools couldn’t be applied as-is, because the overall brand experience had to be preserved.

As the project progressed, it became clear that the platform leaned too heavily towards branding and underperformed in terms of commercial parameters – especially the conversion rate was lower than anticipated.

04. Solution


In close collaboration with Rosendahl Design Group, we presented findings and recommendations, with Rosendahl Design Group as the final decision-maker in terms of prioritisation.

To address the performance challenges, we initiated a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) analysis comprising 250 hours of combined expertise in UX and data analytics.

Our goal was to uplift the increase conversion rates, improve Return on ad Spend (ROAS), and boost digital revenue.

In October, we surpassed these goals with an almost 30% lift in conversion rate and a 100% increase in digital revenue – and we expect further improvements during the Christmas sales.

Together with IMPACT Commerce, we managed to improve the overall platform performance in a way that still respects the unique brands that are part of our portfolio. This has resulted in a more profitable and user-friendly platform.

Susanne GlumsøeHead of Ecommerce at Rosendahl Design Group A/S

So how did we do it?

We optimised Rosendahl’s website performance through a multifaceted approach combining data analytics and user experience optimisation.

Our data experts analysed the platform’s performance, focusing on funnel analysis, user behaviour, abandon rates, and campaign performance to identify the most significant areas for improvement.

Meanwhile, our UX experts assessed usability, customer journeys, and pain points through user interviews and Hotjar insights to gain a comprehensive understanding of the user experience.

Working with CRO has several derived effects – it removes friction in the buying process, enhances the overall user experience, and has a positive impact on other commerce metrics, including Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), revenue, and Average Order Value (AOV). Therefore, optimising conversion rates is highly critical in driving a profitable digital business.

Jesper EnglundClient Director at IMPACT Commerce
More specifically, this involved:
  • Thorough data analysis to derive data-driven insights into platform issues and pain points.
  • Comprehensive UX work guided by commerce best practices and Baymard guidelines, to formulate UX-driven hypotheses.
  • User testing, employing both Hotjar and interviews to validate hypotheses regarding friction and pain points in the user journey.
  • Detailed documentation of findings, highlighting improvement areas.
  • The formulation of recommendations to Rosendahl based on effort versus value, followed by an implementation roadmap beginning with low-effort, high-impact changes.
05. Teck stack

Let's talk tech

  • We used Google Analytics 4 as data foundation for insights driven by data expert
  • We used Hotjar to get aggregated insights into user behaviour based on heatmaps
  • We implemented the improvements on Episerver
06. The fine print

About Rosendahl Design Group

As one of Denmarks leading and most influential design houses with activities across the globe, Rosendahl Design Group’s goal is to rediscover design classics and advance new, sustainable designs, distributing them throughout Scandinavia and other selected markets.

For two generations now, the Rosendahl family has offered a brand portfolio that honours the Danish tradition of making quality design available to everyone, enabling it to be passed on through generations. This includes Kay Bojesen, Kähler, Rosendahl, Holmegaard, Lyngby Porcelain, Arne Jacobsen Clocks, Bjørn Wiinblad, and JUNA.

Want us to help you boost your commerce performance?

Reach out to Jesper. He’ll tell you more.

Jesper Englund Hansen, Project Manager

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