Carl Ras
Digital growth powered by data-driven insights

Discover how we empowered Carl Ras to realise its digital growth ambitions by implementing a customer-centric digital strategy fuelled by data-driven insights.

01. WORK

Identified untapped growth opportunities through in-depth customer analysis.


Prioritised and planned future digital growth initiatives based on data-driven insights.


Set strategic direction and fostered a customer-centric mindset across Carl Ras’ organisation.


Strategic roadmap to drive digital growth

In 2019, we partnered with Carl Ras, one of the largest Danish suppliers of tools for craftsmen and institutions, to build its new B2B commerce platform. The outcomes of the project were quite remarkable – a 35% boost in online revenue and a 10% increase in average order value.

With an aim to continue this digital growth journey, Carl Ras sought to identify and prioritise digital initiatives that could take the customer experience to the next level, further elevating its growth potential.  

To achieve this, Carl Ras needed a backbone of data-driven customer insights to make a truly customer-centric digital strategy. Through comprehensive customer analysis, we helped Carl Ras develop a digital growth strategy that places the customers at the centre of every decision.  

In an industry that isn't always at the forefront digitally, we saw an opportunity to elevate our customer experience by prioritising our digital initiatives based on real customer insights. This helps ensure that we place our customer needs and expectations at the centre of every decision we make.

Søren ElgumChief Digital Officer at Carl Ras


To identify the digital initiatives that would create the most value for the customers, Carl Ras needed to test its preconceptions about the customers and gain a more in-depth understanding of customer needs, pain points and perception of the Carl Ras brand. 

Through a mixed-method approach, including interviews with customers and Carl Ras employees, along with insights from store visits, IMPACT Commerce developed a comprehensive customer journey map highlighting opportunities, value drivers and pain points, both internally and externally.  

Based on these insights, we identified growth opportunities and developed a strategic roadmap with a prioritisation of digital initiatives. This ranged from quick, small-scale implementations to more extensive, long-term strategic projects, all aimed at empowering Carl Ras to reach the digital growth potential.  

Insights are crucial, as they serve as our compass, guiding us to understand customers' needs and challenges. By connecting with Carl Ras’ customers, we uncovered the unspoken aspects that matter most to them. This enabled us to make informed decisions and prioritise digital initiatives based on actual user needs, which have ultimately translated into growth for Carl Ras.

Yasmin SemlaliUX Lead at IMPACT Commerce


Right from the outset, it was clear that the discovery project went beyond mere data collection – it was about motivating and inspiring the Carl Ras employees, fostering a new mindset, where every decision is made with the customer in mind.  

The project has not only resulted in a roadmap enabling us to exploit our digital growth potential – it has also created greater internal awareness of our customers’ actual needs and how to best accommodate them. This has allowed us to prioritise our digital initiatives more effectively based on the value they create for our customers.

Søren ElgumChief Digital Officer at Carl Ras
04. wrap up

Key learnings

Customer insights drive growth

Unlocking untapped growth opportunities starts with an in-depth understanding of your customers.

Data is key

Building your digital strategy on data-driven customer insights helps align your digital initiatives with actual user needs.  

Mindset matters

Fostering a customer-centric mindset motivates your employees to focus on initiatives that truly resonate with your customers.  

Facts about Carl Ras
  • Revenue: +€141 million in 2022 
  • Stores: 22 
  • Employees: +400 
  • Products: +40,000 
  • Founded: 1932 

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