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00. facts
Grocery items

11.500 +


1,4m DKK +


Donation of excess unpurchased products
Donation of fruits and vegetables past expiration to Copenhagen Zoo
97% plastic reused


App Store score - 4.6 out of 5.0


1X DDA (Danish Digital Awards)
3X E-commerce Award



01. executive summary

AWARD-WINNING APP MAKES LIFE EASY FOR CUSTOMERS’s app has made it even easier for Danes to shop for groceries whenever the mood strikes. From the first touchpoint to the last, customers’ needs have been anticipated. Filters, intelligent search functions and personalised content all contribute to simplifying the shopping experience; and App Store scores the app 4.6 out of 5.

The app has won both the Danish Digital Award and the E-commerce Award. IMPACT was the driving force in the development of the app.


+25%'s turnover


Number of app visitors


Number of app users


SHAKING UP THE GROCERY INDUSTRY’s vision is to create a better life for the Danes and to become their supermarket of choice. The plan at nemlig was to develop an app that recognises customers, remembers their needs, offers a personal and hassle-free experience and makes loyal customers happy.

Shopping for groceries should be quick and easy, but also fun and inspiring.

Impact har udviklet webshop


The app addresses the individual first and foremost, so favourite items and pertinent offers are available from the front page. As the app gets to know the user, content becomes more and more customer-specific. In other words, it becomes easier and faster to buy your basics. Not only does the app handle the basics, but it also gives inspiration and answers the the ever-recuring question:

what’s for dinner?

Inspiration can be found in the form of 1,500 recipes, meal kits and a wide choice of delicious ready meals.
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GREAT DEALS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS launched the ‘’ app in the summer of 2018.

The function My Offers allows customers to see which of their favourite items are on offer at any time. They can also find inspiration in the app’s Recipes section. With quick access to lists and recipes, the idea is to encourage customers to make more use of the recipes on the site, with the option to add all the ingredients to their cart in one go.

‘We create a 100% unique experience and aim to make the easiest and most enjoyable place to shop for groceries


Customers can also purchase a meal kit box, which was a new undertaking for in 2018. Quick search and a hassle-free UI make shopping easy. The user journey on the site means that an order can be dispatched during a quick break from work or on the commute back home. Naturally, you select a delivery time that suits you.

Click here to watch how nemlig.coms new application was born.

AN AWARD-WINNING APP’s app makes the customer’s everyday chore a breeze. Precise filters, intelligent search functions and personalised content create an exceptional shopping experience throughout the entire customer journey – from finding new inspiration, to making your payment and flexible delivery.

The commerce solution is an integral part of the company’s DNA.’s use of big data across devices helps boost the company’s core business.

The app won the Danish Digital Award 2019 in the ‘Commerce’ category. also won the 2019 E-commerce Award in the category, ‘B2C companies with an online turnover of over DKK 50 million’, and in this, the app was a important consideration factor for the jury. won e-handelsprisen 2019 and is a leading online supermarket


From user figures, it is clear that the app is popular and meets customers’ most pressing shopping needs. With over 15,000 reviews on App Store, it is evident that customers love – and the new app in particular. On App Store, the app has a score of 4.6 – which makes nemlig on a par with the main players in the sector. Among other comments are:

When I need to find groceries, I’m impressed at how easy it is to get a clear overview using the app. It's a great tool for the busy worker who has to consider all the family members' preferences. Thank you! customer

There are indeed a host of good reasons for downloading the app. But be aware: the new app is habit-forming: it could even change your life.

+25%'s turnover


Number of app visitors


Number of app users


Contact Ask, who will be happy to tell you more about the app.

Ask Ullerup er Director, Group Strategy & Innovation. Partner i IMPACT