Articles and guides
8 benefits of Integrating AI into Your PIM System
The key to successful AI implementation lies within your PIM system. Why? Because when it comes to AI, data is paramount. Discover eight benefits of using your PIM system as the foundation for AI.
Sæther implements a future-proofed data management setup
Discover how Sæther achieves efficiency in product data management through top-tier solutions, setting the stage for seamless operations and future growth.
Discovering the power of Composable Commerce
Get ready to unlock the power of Composable Commerce at our executive event. Join us in an exclusive rooftop venue as we delve into the impact on the future of businesses.
Articles and guides
Empowering product data: The dynamic duo of AI & PIM
Explore how the dynamic duo of AI and PIM can revolutionise your business. The twist? The article is written entirely by AI itself!
UK seminar: Unleashing Omnichannel Success
Are you ready to unlock the secrets behind the UK’s most successful brands and retailers?  
Best financial results in IMPACT’s history
We are pleased to announce our 2022 financial report, marking our best performance to date.
Insights from Grassfish Summit 2023
Our Group CX Director, Per Önnemyr, was invited as keynote speaker at this year’s Grassfish Summit in Stockholm where he delved into the future of retail and commerce experiences from an evolutionary perspective.
Past events
UX Event: Passion Talk on Futures by Design
Join us as we partner with LEGO Group's Alicia Shao, to explore how speculative design, systems thinking, and storytelling shape our visions of the future.
Past events
Tech Talk: AI & Commerce
Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the business landscape. From delivering tailored product suggestions to deploying intelligent conversational agents, AI is reshaping the commerce industry by improving customer interactions, optimising processes, and driving revenue growth.
IMERCO wins for Best Omnichannel at E-handelsprisen
We are thrilled to have been a part of this prestigious event that recognises and celebrates the expertise and innovations within the e-commerce industry. 
Past events
Google event: Unleashing the Power of Composable Commerce & AI
Explore the future for brands & retail
Articles and guides
Unlocking the power of website accessibility
Website accessibility is essential, as it benefits not only minority users but also ensures a seamless experience for all individuals.
Past events
Scaling for the future with Kompan and Contentful
Embark on a 30-minute journey of innovation and transformation
Past events
IMPACT Extend x Raptor – Retail Media Event
Join us for our Retail Media event featuring our partner Raptor and explore how Retail Media can help boost your business.  
Four nominations for the Danish Digital Awards
We are excited to share that IMPACT has been nominated for not one, not two, but FOUR cases at the Danish Digital Awards!
On-demand webinars
Boost sales and service through composable post-purchase experiences
Learn how to elevate your sales and services through composable post-purchase experiences.
Leveling up our Swedish presence with four new top talent hires
We’re strengthening our workforce in Scandinavia by welcoming four new team members to IMPACT in Stockholm.
IMPACT Extend has been certified Google Premier Partner for 2023
We are thrilled to announce that IMPACT Extend has been recognised as a Google Premier Partner again this year!