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Getting physical and digital retail to a higher level takes courage. It takes courage to transform the entire business so that the end customer, rather than the sales channels, takes centre stage.


The battle for the last click is tough. Competition from international pure players means that the pressure on margins is constant. So how do you, as a retail company, prioritise your efforts to make the investment in digital commerce and marketing a profitable business and not just an expense?

Webinar: Turn visitors into customers through the product page

Learn how to deliver a seamless customer journey and visually optimise your sales product page. Read more here.

In collaboration with IMPACT, we have created a complete omnichannel set-up with full integration between online retail and our shops. This benefits the customers, who can shop online regardless of whether they want the product sent to their home or to be collected in-shop.

Brian Børsting
Brian BørstingCorporate Marketing Manager, PWT Group

We work with both traditional retailers and players within travel, insurance and tel-co. With a consumer-oriented approach, we resolve channel conflicts, create unique end-customer experiences and increase revenue. Shall we help you too?

In-store retail strategy

Think stores are over? Think again.  

Retail isn’t dying. It’s transforming. Nearly half of consumers still prefer bricks and mortar stores to online shopping – but get your in-store strategy wrong, and it could break, rather than make your business. Get it right, and your stores can be your differentiator. What does that take? Harnessing digital to enable unique, return-worthy in-store experiences. 

Read on to uncover the business benefits of investing in your in-store experience, learn how to keep your stores relevant in a digital world and reveal the best ways to stand out from the competition by connecting physical and digital channels.  


Ready to discover your remarkable in-store retail strategy? 


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If you’d like to know more about digital transformation in retail companies, please contact Troels Haugstrup, Business Consulting Director & Partner.

Troels Haugstrup | IMPACT Team