Sæther x IMPACT
A future-proofed
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Discover how Sæther achieves efficiency in product data management through top-tier solutions, setting the stage for seamless operations and future growth.

A revolution in data governance for beauty distributor Sæther  

Sæther Nordic, a leading distributor of more than 100 beauty brands in the Nordics, has partnered with IMPACT Commerce to future-proof their data set-up and provide the best customer service in the distribution sector with a bold triple-pronged PIM, DAM and Azure approach.

For the Nordic company, this far-reaching data digitalisation project is a significant step towards modernising their operations and meeting soaring demands for delivering high-quality, accessible, and reliable product information to their customers, including household names like Matas, Kicks or Lyko.

Historically, Sæther hadn’t invested heavily in their data capabilities, and IMPACT’s implementation of a robust new data foundation, harnessing the combined power of InRiver PIM, a Digizuite DAM and Azure, represents a major step up in their approach to IT and customer service.

With this advanced new system, Sæther is well-positioned to take on future data challenges and to retain their leading position in the Nordic beauty distribution market.

IMPACT Commerce's expertise has been invaluable in helping us achieve this new level of operational efficiency. We’re confident that our partnership will drive our business growth and propel us towards digitalisation excellence in our industry.

Morten Christensen Nordic Digital Director at Sæther

Challenge the status quo

At the heart of Sæther’s challenge was a highly manual and fragmented approach to handling product data and asset distribution. In short, their product data strategy was no longer meeting customer needs, nor supporting the company’s growth ambitions.

Previously, Sæther did their data enrichment and asset management manually and stored critical product data in unsuitable places – like Excel spreadsheets. This method created both data quality and speed issues, as well as being unnecessarily time-consuming. On top of that, Sæther was following a brand-organised approach, meaning that each digital content team knew only about the brands they worked with – resulting in inconsistencies, duplications and data gaps across brands and categories.

The unintended result was that their customers increasingly struggled to find the product information, text, and images they wanted, when they wanted it. What Sæther needed was a data governance revolution to create a single source of truth. And that requires the best architecture in the business. That’s where IMPACT came in.

With our new scalable architectural foundation, we can now provide our customers with a superior level of self-service – all while reducing time and eliminating errors internally. We’re now equipped with the flexibility and scalability we need to meet changing market needs.

Morten Christensen Nordic Digital Director at Sæther

Perfect product data, fast

To set Sæther up for future growth, agility and to always deliver an outstanding customer experience, we implemented a trio of best-of-breed solutions that enable a more simple, more streamlined management of their mountain of complex product data and assets:

InRiver PIM

Supplementing the existing ERP system with InRiver PIM enables Sæther to create a centralised hub for the product enrichment process, minimising redundant work and enabling the team to create more structured data via automated flows.


We rounded off Sæther’s data foundation by implementing Azure as a middle layer and data distribution hub, ensuring greater transparency and flexibility to manage the supported data flows. Going forward, this component will enable Sæther to effortlessly meet new demands from customers or suppliers with a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure.

Digizuite DAM

Introducing a cutting-edge DAM system brings Sæther’s asset management into the future with enhanced usability and transparency for Sæther’s internal users. It also means a fast and intuitive self-service experience for their online customers. Now, a customer can go in and get high-quality images and product data in their preferred format on-demand, with just a few clicks. Digizuite also reduced the number of manual data tasks the team needed to manage, sharply reducing human errors.

Taken together, this system provides an ultra-modern, comprehensive product information set-up, automates time-intensive data tasks and frees Sæther’s team to focus on more strategic business priorities, while also unlocking more go-to-market opportunities.

Sæther has shown great determination and insights in their effort to support an industry-leading customer experience going forward. We’re honoured to have helped them lay the foundations for being able to stay on top of changing customer demands regarding product data and images.”

Sune RasmussenDirector in Product Information Excellence at IMPACT Commerce



Want to optimise your data and product management?

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Sune Rasmussen, Manager Master Data PIM

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