Nilfisk ramps up product data capabilities for future digital development

We’re entering into a strategic partnership with Nilfisk to enhance the way product data is managed for improved efficiency, user-friendliness and customer experiences.


In an era where customers expect instant access to accurate and comprehensive product information, Nilfisk recognises the need to enhance its product data capabilities. 

We acknowledge that data is vital in commerce, and our existing legacy tool falls short of meeting data demands. We need a platform that is user-friendly and supports our data needs – both now and in the future

Pirita MoisioCommercial Platform Lead at Nilfisk

That’s exactly why Nilfisk is teaming up with IMPACT Commerce.   

“We believe that IMPACT Commerce’s broad technical expertise and proven track record of successfully implementing various PIM solutions make them precisely the partner we need to optimise our data management,” Pirita continues.

ELEVATING product data management with struct pim  

The solution will involve the implementation of a Struct PIM, serving as a centralised hub for product data. The goal is to enable seamless distribution of information across various sales channels, ultimately reducing time-to-market, streamlining internal processes, and enhancing the customer experience through a user-friendly platform.  

Struct PIM is designed to cater to evolving data needs, accommodating several types of product data, and serving as a centralised hub for managing all essential information. The aim is to enhance the overall customer experience by addressing data quality, strengthening data governance, and enabling the exploration of new business initiatives and domains

Sivert Kjøller BertelsenPartner & Consulting Director PIM/MDM

This is in line with Nilfisk’s strategic goals of being more digitally enabled and customer-centric

“The new Struct PIM will play an important role in fulfilling this strategic vision, paving the way for enhanced data management and customer satisfaction,” Pirita concludes.

Want to optimise the way you manage your product data?

Reach out to Sivert. He’ll help you get started.