Premium confectionery brand selects
IMPACT to support with global expansion

Gourmet liquorice brand LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is expanding all over the world. IMPACT is proud to be chosen to help the ambitious brand achieve omnichannel success enabled by impeccable brand experiences and powered by a highly innovative technology stack.

A journey that started in the home kitchen of founder Johan Bülow only 15 years ago has turned into a global success. Today, the love-it-or-hate-it Danish delicacy is sold through more than 2,000 outlets in 35 countries – and counting. Not to forget the 27 brand stores that provide the full LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW-experience.

The company’s vision is to make the entire world love liquorice, one liquorice at a time. Going by the numbers, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is well on its way to achieving that goal. And now we at IMPACT are excited to help the confectionery brand take the next steps on its ambitious growth journey.

Brand experience at the core

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has created an entirely new confectionery category. While liquorice is an immensely popular sweet in the Nordic countries, it’s safe to say the rest of the world has some catching up to do. Regardless, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is already proving their worth.

For anyone who has tasted their liquorice, it’s clear the key ingredient in this confectionary fairy-tale is outstanding product quality. But an almost equally important element is LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW’s wholehearted approach to branding:

Our brand means the world to us. From packaging and in-store experiences to campaigns and our loyalty concept. Everything needs to be of the highest quality and create a superior customer experience. And obviously, our digital experience needs to provide the same excellent brand quality.

Michael EwaldeCommerce Director with LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW
From home-cooking to global roll-out

Its growing popularity around the world raises new demands for LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW’s digital platform, in terms of functionality, scalability and brand experience. In turn, this means new and higher expectations for the premium brand’s digital partner.


As we’re seeing increased global traction, we needed a partner that could advise and execute on our global commerce strategy with us. On top of that, we were looking for a partner that had omnichannel, experience design and customer loyalty as core competencies. I’m happy to say we’ve found all of that with IMPACT,” explains Michael Ewald.

At IMPACT, we’re eager to help realise the brand’s sweet dreams of making the whole world love and buy liquorice.

It’s not often we get to work with clients who have such a compelling, crafted (and tasty) product as well as sky-high ambitions when it comes to global, omnichannel commerce. With their combination of eCommerce, own stores and wholesalers around the world, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is exactly the kind of client our team loves to work with.

Nanna LenanderClient Director at IMPACT
A best-of-breed technology stack

From the get-go, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has prioritised selecting best-of-breed technology solutions. Michael Ewald has a good explanation for why that’s the case:


When you’re manufacturing high-end confectionery, quality is of the essence. We’ve transferred that attitude to our IT architecture. We want the best stack with the most well-suited components. And we’ve focused on finding a digital partner that could help orchestrate this increasingly complex landscape.”


For IMPACT, the technology choices made by LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW only make the client even more compelling. 

“With a technology landscape that includes commercetools, Contentful, Frontastic, inriver and Sitoo, it’s fair to say that LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has made cutting-edge decisions regarding their architecture. Their tech setup is designed to help scale the business across the globe, and it definitely speaks to their bold vision and relentless ambition,” says Mikkel Stærk, Director, Technology at IMPACT.

Let’s make the world love liquorice

The collaboration between LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW and IMPACT is already underway, and new features will be released on an ongoing basis.


LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is a dream client that emulates IMPACT’s own story in so many ways. We have a strong cultural fit with shared ambitions. We have a joint desire to grow. And last but not least, we both have Danish origins, but we also share a strong global outlook in everything we do,” ends Nanna Lenander from IMPACT.


Want more insights on our project with LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW?

Nanna will tell you all about it.