Discover mobile-first Point of Sale and next-level fulfilment.

Why sitoo?

Sitoo delivers a game-changing platform built for easy integration enabling retailers to unify all physical stores and online sales channels in real-time.  

Retail has changed! Today, shoppers have a mobile-first mindset and expect a unified retail experience across all channels. There’s no online-versus-offline. As a retailer, you need to sell everywhere and fulfil anywhere. And the Sitoo mPOS platform is here to get you started. 


It’s no news that customers’ expectations are skyrocketing. The list of demands is close to endless – we’ve gathered a handful of them to set the scene. 

Customers want: 

  • Flawless service across online and offline channels 
  • Unlimited options for delivery, returns, and payments 
  • Infinite inventory 
  • Self-service checkout in-store; knowledgeable store associates 

To meet these demands and create experiences that stand out, retailers need to redefine their Point of Sale strategy and think mobile-first. In short, Sitoo is a cloud-native POS and unified commerce platform for global retailers. Besides being a world-leading Swedish tech company trusted by 400+ brands, Sitoo represents retail chain stores from Europe to Asia-Pacific and North America. 

Sitoo’s platform enables retailers to sell and fulfil everything anywhere. In other words, handling orders, returns, payments and most things in-between is made more accessible than ever – for customers and retail staff. 

Tomorrow’s customers want to shop when and where they want to. For retailers to adapt, a unified commerce setup is essential, whether the experience is digital, physical, or both.  

Sitoo is a world-class point of sale solution backed by an innovative unified commerce platform. They enable retailers to level up their in-store game and deliver an actual omnichannel experience. On top, their inventory management meets one of the most sought-after requests from the retailers we work with.

ANDERS WEDENDAHLSenior Consultant & Practice Lead for OMS & POS at IMPACT


1. Redefining Point of Sale
The most significant difference from traditional POS systems is that Sitoo is mobile-first – with an Android and iOS app. This means that the platform works equally well on the counter, in the hands of retail staff and even as part of a self-service checkout.

2. Fulfilling the retail dream
Fulfilment is quickly becoming a key parameter for modern retailers. Faster than most retailers imagined, it has become an expectation to offer product pick-up in stores, endless aisles, in-store digital returns or even the ability to ship digital orders from stores.

Retailers are doubling down on CX and using tech to help customers shop on their terms, wherever and whenever they want.

3. Fast time to market
With an API-first approach including an easy-to-use REST API and highly pluggable architecture, you get a platform built for flexible, robust and seamless integration. The cloud-native platform – built on and run from the cloud – ensures speedy & reliable performance.

Look forward to all the MACH benefits of a Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless platform from Sitoo and worry less about slow performance, lack of scalability and data security.

4. Deliver real-time retail and digital commerce
Real-time data – the kind you get when you have a cloud-based mobile Point of Sale platform – gives you the power to sell everywhere and fulfil anywhere. Moreover, it enables you to transform other aspects of your business, like inventory management and employee engagement, ultimately driven more sales and better customer experiences.

5. Global platform & compliance
Sitoo is compliant in 40+ countries – adapted to local languages, currencies and payment methods. The platform is trusted by retailers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and North America – and Sitoo’s constantly expanding across the globe.

We have a genuine desire for rethinking retail. It’s at the very core of our business to take part in shaping the future of retail, and in there, we’ve found a solid shared connection with IMPACT. Their dedicated focus on commerce in general – and retail in particular – is a powerful reflection of our attention.

JENS LEVIN CEO and co-founder of Sitoo.

With us on board, you’ve got a partner with a dedicated commercial and business focus, a cross-disciplinary execution setup and more than 20 years of experience. In short, we excel in everything from management consulting and implementation to operations and digital marketing.   

Our team of 350+ skilled consultants, designers, developers and likeminded are excited to take on your next project, challenge your assumptions and elevate your results.  

Want to learn more about sitoo?

Get in touch with Anders Wedendahl, Senior Consultant & Practice Lead for OMS & POS at IMPACT. 

Anders Wedendahl er Senior Solution Consultant  og skaber gode købsoplevelser i IMPACT