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We are an inriver Platinum Partner and ready to help you implement an inriver PIM system.


When you have many products, you also have a lot of product information. This creates a need for an overview. A product information management system (PIM) gathers all that product information in one place, making it easy to understand the product hierarchy. Product relations. Product descriptions. Product attributes. And language translations. No matter how many products you offer your customers. A PIM system provides one truth about the product across all channels.
In spring 2019, we were named inriver Partner of the Year 2020 for the second year in a row.

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Inriver is the market’s leading PIM system. The system has efficient workflows. It’s user friendly. It’s integratable. And it’s rich in features. All of this shortens the time-to-market and forms the basis for creating good user experiences.

With the product overview, you can create relevant, personalized content for your customers and save time when marketing your products, whether physically or digitally. Good omnichannel experience starts with PIM.

By always taking a holistic and strategic approach to PIM projects, we ensure that you always get the best possible solution. By using our experience and industrial insight, we ensure that you reap all the benefits – every time!

Sune Rasmussen, Manager Master Data PIM
Sune RasmussenManager, Master Data & PIM

We have your business and your customers in mind when we implement your PIM system. We work in a business and process-focused manner, and we take a holistic approach to PIM projects. We ensure that the system meets your needs and matches your workday. That’s why we always keep you close to the work, so you have a full understanding of solution choices and insight into options and limitations. Close collaboration means that we can implement what is important to you and your future.

Our ambition level is high. IMPACT specializes in e-commerce and helping trading companies, making it the ideal partner for us.

Martin PihlHead of Marketing & E-commerce, Silvan

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We are an inriver Platinum Partner and ready to help you implement an inriver PIM system. Contact Sune if you want to know more about inriver.


Sune Rasmussen, Manager Master Data PIM

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