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IMPACT is a Gold Partner, Cloud Powerhouse Partner and winner of the 2020 Umbraco Award.


With Umbraco CMS, you get a user-friendly editorial experience that makes it easy to manage content across channels. You don’t need to have a deep technical understanding to be able to edit and update the content on your online store, apps and shop displays at the same time, because the editor is made so that anyone can use it. With Umbraco CMS, you can easily take an omnichannel approach to your content.

As one of the few who do enterprise commerce on a large scale, we can help you create an intuitive, easily scalable content management system.


The solution for Nic. Christiansen won the award for Best Editing Experience at the Umbraco Award Show 2020. The jury described the solution in one word: “perfection”. Click here to see the Nic. Christiansen solution in action.

Skoringen was among the finalists in the Best Cloud Solution category at the Umbraco Award Show 2020. Click here to see Skoringen’s solution in action.

Nic Christiansen vandt Umbraco Award 202 for Best Editing Experience


By hosting Umbraco CMS in Umbraco Cloud, you consolidate cloud operations at Microsoft Azure, which takes care of security. This makes it easy to maintain and gives you time for all the “fun”. With Umbraco Cloud, you can migrate code and data back and forth, and you can download all data so that both developers and editors can make major changes without affecting the active page.


Umbraco is the most widely used .NET CMS in the world and differs from many other platforms by being open source. That means that you do not pay a license fee, but on the other hand, Umbraco’s source codes are open. Umbraco has a large community of developers who will do everything to quickly plug a hole, should there be a data breach.

With an open-standards development environment and a rich ecosystem of technological partners, you are ensured continuous platform optimizing, and everything is handled "in the cloud".

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