Nic. Christiansen has reduced editors’ timescales by 80% after having obtained an editor-friendly e-commerce solution. It won the award for Best Editing Experience at the Umbraco Awards Show 2020.

Together with Nic. Christiansen, IMPACT has created the world’s best editorial experience at Umbraco. This was confirmed when this year’s Umbraco Award was announced. IMPACT and Nic. Christiansen received the honor of winning the award for Best Editing Experience. The award was given for Hyundai’s new website.

Umbraco Cloud has reduced our editors’ timescales by 80%, and we have eliminated virtually all human errors

Michael Christensen Online Manager, Nic. Christiansen Gruppen

Every year Umbraco celebrates the world’s best solutions. In 2019, the award for Best Editorial Experience went to an American company developed by an English agency. In 2018, it was a Dutch partnership that won.

At this year’s Umbraco Award, there were seven winners in seven categories.


Nic. Christiansen is one of Scandinavia’s largest automotive groups and imports brands such as Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, Hyundai, Honda and SsangYong. They came to IMPACT hoping to acquire a content-friendly platform for all their brands. And that is what they got.

The editing experience has been optimized with intuitive inline editing in the Umbraco back office. Everything the editors see in the back office is a mirror of what the customers see. At the same time, all content is tailored to Nic. Christiansen’s needs. The solution is located in Azure, so codes can be inserted in no time.

It's a huge pleasure to see what you have already created at Umbraco. I look forward to being blown away again next year

Niels HartvigFounder & Chief Unicorn at Umbraco
SOLUTION CREATES GROWTH was the first of Nic. Christiansen’s brands that implemented the new solution. This led to a 38% increase in registrations in 2018/2019, when the solution went live.

The next task is Bayern autoGroup, which sells BMW and Mini.