13 years of collaboration and still going strong. Now with an ambitious plan to deliver true unified commerce across all of Scandinavia on the headless platform from commercetools. 

A lot has happened in the digital space since PWT Group and IMPACT first started working together back in 2008. Multiple platforms and projects have come and gone as the collaboration has evolved in tune with the world around. That is why we’re more than normally proud to announce that PWT Group has re-elected IMPACT as their partner to build their next-generation commerce platforms. 

While PWT Group might not ring a bell, you most likely know the two leading men’s fashion retailers that the company operates. Under the brand names Tøjeksperten and WagnerPWT Group operates close to 150 physical stores in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden together with several webshops 

IMPACT has been a cornerstone in the transformation and digitization of our business. Of course, we talked with other agencies in this process, but IMPACT’s deep understanding of the commerce space and our business was second to none. On top of that, we really appreciate the flexibility in IMPACT’s ways of working as well as the strong shared values in our partnership.

Brian BørstingMarketing & eCommerce Director at PWT Group

When IMPACT and PWT Group started their journey 13 years ago, omnichannel wasn’t invented. Instead, the first projects were about multichannel sales and online marketing. However, the group has always had its eyes on creating the next level of digital commerce. 

In 2019, Tøjeksperten was honored as the second-best omnichannel retailer in Denmark. Fast-forward to 2021, the ambition is to change the entire digital landscape and center it around the headless platform Commercetools, allowing PWT to create true unified commerce. 

We realised that we needed a new approach to accelerate our digital business. To give us the flexibility and scalability we want, we’re now building on a best-of-breed mindset. This also provides us with a more future-proof digital architecture, and most importantly, it enables us to deliver best-in-class customer experience across all touchpoints.

Brian BørstingMarketing & eCommerce Director at PWT Group

By choosing commercetools, PWT Group once again positions itself as a digital frontrunner. The German-based platform is among the pioneers in the MACH movement that is a nifty acronym for technology that is Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless by nature. 

PWT Group has always had the ambitions and the innate desire to challenge the status quo. After a thorough prestudy, I’m convinced that commercetools is the right way forward for PWT Group to realize their full potential, not just digitally but also in-store and across the entire brand experience. And almost whatever technical innovation PWT will approach in the future, their new composable architecture will enable them. I am really looking forward to this new journey with Brian and his team.

Stefan PrimdahlDirector, Clients & Consulting in IMPACT

13 years is a long time for most collaborations, and in digital terms, it might just be a record-long partnership. After all, 2008 was not only the start of this collaboration but also the year Google Chrome, Airbnb, and Spotify were launched. Just to put things into perspective. 

For IMPACT’s CEO and co-founder, Kasper Holst, the new agreement means a lot:

After 13 years, PWT Group almost feels more like a part of IMPACT than a customer. I’m incredibly proud that we’ve been able to evolve our relationship through all these years. It comes down to a really strong cultural fit and a joint desire to continuously explore and build the future of commerce.

Kasper HolstCEO at Impact

For PWT Group, the extension of the partnership is also special occasion. Brian Børstingwho has been part of the collaboration for all 13 years, gets the final word: 

IMPACT knows our business really well and that’s of great value to us, so I’m super pleased to continue the collaboration. Of course, if IMPACT hadn’t delivered a proposal that demonstrated their ability to evolve and challenge us, things would have turned out differently. But to be honest, I’m glad they nailed the pitch because now it almost feels like we’re just renewing our wedding vows.

Brian BørstingMarketing & eCommerce Director at PWT Group

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