Scalability is key for the digital pureplayer Trendhim. That’s why they have created a composable architecture, and that’s why they’ve entered a partnership with IMPACT to help speed up development even further. 

Trendhim is the true epitome of a successful start-up. Since launching in Denmark in 2007, the company has seen nothing but growth. Today, Trendhim sells accessories to men in 28 countries. The yearly revenue has surpassed the DKK 300 million mark, and 93% of that revenue comes from outside Denmark. To top off that impressive listTrendhim won the Danish Ecommerce Awards for best Export Case in 2020, and last year, the former CEO of world-renowned watch brand Daniel Wellington joined the board. 

When you grow as much and as fast as Trendhim, flexibility and scalability are paramount. That goes for both IT architecture and organizational setup. That’s why we’re proud to announce that IMPACT is helping Trendhim’s team of developers maintain their lightning-fast time-to-market. 

Trendhim is an extremely interesting case for us to work on. Their rapid growth, international expansion, and high ambitions keep us on our toes. It’s a true pleasure to help out clients who have a steadfast vision of where they’re going – and an understanding of how technology can help fulfill that vision.

Tore KjellundDelivery Director at IMPACT

In the commerce industry, Trendhim is known for being extremely tech-savvy. Needless to say, when the company was looking at upgrading their IT landscape, they quickly decided on going for a solution that supported a composable architecture: 

With the rapid development in SAAS, it doesn’t make sense to think that there’s one company who is the best at all disciplines. We wanted the ability to quickly recompose parts of our stack in the future to take advantage of "best of breed", while also having unmatched speed-to-market.

Martin HøjbergCTO and co-owner of Trendhim

At the heart of the company’s IT architecture is a commerce engine supplied by the MACH-frontrunners from commercetoolsAnd that’s a perfect fit for the global accessories brand: 

We need extreme scalability. Not just to prepare for the future, but also to be able to quickly enter new markets and launch new product lines. With the headless commerce engine from commercetools, we’re getting exactly what we need. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m really happy about the ‘to the point’-thinking that comes with commercetools.

Martin HøjbergCTO and co-owner of Trendhim

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Mikkel Stærk