Elevate your brand experience: 5 trends in tech and design

Bytes of IMPACT: A look at emerging trends that will influence brand experience in 2021 and beyond.

What trends are currently shaping the field between tech and design on the web? How can you use design and tech to create unique experiences that will set your brand apart?

In 40 minutes, Digital Designer, Nikolaj Krogh Kjær-Rasmussen, and Frontend Experience Specialist, Mathias Helmuth Pedersen, will reveal:

  • The value of unique brand experience on the web
  • 5 upcoming trends to inspire the look, feel and tech of your future commerce experience
  • The necessity of integrating UX, design and tech to achieve excellent brand experience

Watch the webinar here

Please note: Other agencies are unfortunately not authorised to participate and will be signed of automatically.


Mathias Helmuth Pedersen is Frontend Experience Specialist at IMPACT
Mathias Helmuth Pedersen, Frontend Experience Specialist, IMPACT

Mathias has a passion for web development, UX and design.

Coming from an education in digital interaction design combined with 6 years of web development experience, he works across fields and competencies to implement projects with great user experience and attention to detail, and focuses on optimising how we use tech to create better experiences on the web.

Mathias has worked with clients like Montana, Kaufmann and Capture One.

Nikolaj Kjær-Rasmussen is Digital Designer at IMPACT
Nikolaj Krogh Kjær-Rasmussen, Digital Designer, IMPACT

Nikolaj has 4+ years of experience in the tech and design-game.

He has a passion for creating personalised branding and for creating integrated solutions in close collaboration with our developers. He has been working with various clients, such as Erhvervsakademi Dania, Syddansk Universitet and Cryos.