IMPACT A/S, the Danish division of IMPACT Commerce, has just released a new record financial report. The growth in the Danish business is primarily driven by B2B customers’ increasing focus on data-driven and digital transformation projects.

In a market characterised by turbulence and intense competition for customers, IMPACT A/S now leads with a solid financial report. The 2023 report for the Danish part of the IMPACT Commerce Group shows a gross profit of 213 Mil. DKK, which corresponds to an increase of 33 percent compared to the previous year. Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) amounted to 26 mil. DKK, a 233 percent increase over the 2022 report.

Our results for the past year are healthy and strong in a market where many have experienced a decline. Our strong performance in 2023 is partly due to the increasing interest we see from abroad – including the Nordics and the UK, and partly because we have maintained our focus on the domestic market throughout the period. That said, we should still aim for higher profitability given the great potential we see ahead

Kasper HolstCEO, Impact Commerce

I would also like to extend a big thank you to our talented employees and management team. Everyone has worked focused and skilfully to ensure collaboration across our many specialist competencies. We have particularly worked on developing digital strategies focusing on growth, efficiency, and value creation, as well as implementing digital platforms and activating data. All this is based on our customers’ corporate strategies.

Customer Data and AI

Over the past year, IMPACT Commerce has seen an increase in both B2C and B2B customers seeking professional and smart use of customer data and artificial intelligence. This includes companies like Zizzi, BoConcept, Matas, Søstrene Grene, and GN.

– We clearly notice a growing demand, especially from B2B customers, who want to become more efficient and enhance customer experience across channels with large-scale programmes. In these processes, we have helped with activation and personalisation, among other things, and overall, we have worked a lot on implementing the solutions and effectively rolling them out within each organisation, says Kasper Holst.

Continued Growth

With the record result in hand, Kasper Holst and IMPACT Commerce are looking forward to a new financial year where growth is expected to continue.

– In 2024, we expect to maintain the same level, followed by significant growth in the coming years. Digitalisation, e-commerce, and technology use and implementation will continue to be key terms, and we are focusing particularly on AI development. We already have 12 AI projects for larger Danish companies, which we will continue and execute this year, says Kasper Holst.

A recent collaboration with one of the major global players is also expected to positively contribute to future financial results, according to the CEO:

– We have established a European partnership with Google around our large Omnichannel Index analysis, which we presented last month. This partnership strengthens our positioning, and we are living our DNA. We have a clear expectation that the collaboration will further contribute to future growth.