After years of solid growth, Spanish jewelry-house UNOde50 needed a strategic path forward. Through a collaborative process that included an innate customer focus and a unified, global team, we’ve helped shape and define their ambitious roadmap for the years to come. 

Following years of stable growth, UNOde50 had made a strategic decision to revamp its digital presence. This included adding new digital capabilities to the team and creating a solid platform that could support their long-term ambitions.  

With the baseline in place, we acknowledged that we needed an external partner to set the creative direction, help the organisation understand what it takes to undergo a successful digital transformation, and not least help shape the tender material,” says Asher Azulay, Global Digital Director with UNOde50.


In close collaboration with UNOde50, we defined a cross-disciplinary process that aimed to create the proper foundation for the company. 

Specifically, the project included three phases: 

  • Conducting interviews, research and customer journey mapping 
  • Creating workshops with key stakeholders to create a unified roadmap for the future 
  • Delivering a detailed RFP and design for the project for collaborating agencies to work with 

To deliver on these phases, a team was gathered across IMPACT’s offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Evora, Portugal. That means UNOde50 is among the first clients to truly harness the breadth of IMPACT following our merger with Swedish Improove in late 2021.  

We’ve been super excited to work together with a highly skilled team from IMPACT that was both cross-disciplinary and cross-national. Their acumen and dedication really helped raise the bar for the way we approached digitisation,” explains Asher Azulay.

An end-to-end transformation

Before the project started, UNOde50 had identified gaps and flaws in their ways of working. They were looking for an international, end-to-end agency that could help them not only fill out the gaps but also sketch out a roadmap for 2024.  

That included working closely with UNOde50 management to get to know their strengths and weaknesses, benchmark them with competitors, enable mystery shopping and get a holistic view of the project and its challenges.  

Among other initiatives, we: 

  • Defined the project – from pre-study to planning
  • Executed technically – from building and going live to maintenance 
  • Delivered the content strategy and online marketing 

 ”We’re really excited to have taken part in shaping the new omnichannel experience of UNOde50 – one that matches their well-known in-store experience and that fits seamlessly across all channels,” says Per-Mattias Nordkvist, Managing Director at IMPACT. 

About Unode50

UNOde50 was born in Spain in 1998 when a creative group of people wanted to create jewellery that broke away from everything that existed at the time. They merged tradition and modernity to shape something new, something exclusive – with only 50 pieces of each design available.  

Today, UNOde50 is present in more than 40 countries, including fashion capitals like New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Milan. While the Spanish jewellery brand has increased its production to keep up with its rapid success, the story of handcrafted quality and exclusivity still exists. 

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Per-Mattias Nordkvist, Managing Director