Trends in B2B commerce: Gaps and growth potential

Does your sales organisation meet the demands of today's B2B purchasers?

A recent study by DI (the Danish Industry) reveals significant gaps between the growing demands of B2B purchasers and the sales services many B2B companies provide. 

More and more B2B purchasers want to buy their goods digitally. It’s a fact. Yet most B2B companies are still prioritising traditional sales channels like meetings, phone calls and email. 

The result? They’re losing out on new customers – and failing to serve their existing ones effectively.

B2B companies in 2022 need to think more than ever about digital transformation, becoming a first mover and meeting purchasers in their preferred channels. So, where should they begin?

Lean into 2022’s trends in b2b commerce: Here’s how

In this 30-minute webinar, our B2B Industry Lead, Kasper Knudsen, shares the main B2B commerce trends and takeaways from DI’s study.

He also gives actionable recommendations for how B2B companies can exploit these trends to meet the rising digital demands of B2B purchasers, grow their online sales and get ahead of their competitors.

You’ll get expert insights into:

    • B2B purchasers’ preferred buying channels
    • The most decisive factors for B2B purchasers when looking for new suppliers
    • Strategies to increase your online B2B sales 

The webinar is held in Danish and brought to you by one of our sharpest minds in B2B commerce, Kasper Knudsen. 



Kasper Knudsen
Kasper Knudsen, B2B Industry Lead at IMPACT

Kasper is our B2B Industry Lead. In more relatable terms, that means he’s fully versed in everything related to B2B commerce;  trends, strategies, platforms and best practices. He carries several years of experience as business consultant and knows how to increase revenues through the use of digital technologies.