MDM & DAM: Get ahead of your competitors

Create one version of truth for your master data and digital assets
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How to manage products and assets professionally

During this Bytes of IMPACT webinar and in collaboration with Digizuite, we will show you how Master Data Management (MDM) can turn your product data, customer data and supplier data into your most valuable asset, and how Digital Asset Management (DAM) will revolutionise your marketing efforts.

Consolidating data to create “one version of truth” for your master data and assets such as product data and pictures, will not only make life easier for you and your organisation – it will also lift the quality of your content and product information, reduce risks, give you a faster time-to-market, and allow you to provide a much more effective and personalised customer experience.

The webinar will, among other topics, cover:

  • A complete overview over the master data reality and challenges that enterprise companies face
  • How MDM turns product data, customer data and supplier data into your most valuable asset
  • A demo of Digizuite, a leading platform for managing all your digital assets in one place
  • Insights from a large Danish company who has successfully been through an A-Z master data process.
  • How DAM transforms your marketing efforts

Get control of your master data – join us for this webinar!

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Ditte Brix er Master Data Management Business Consultant i IMPACT

Ditte has nearly 5 years experience working with master data and product information management. She has implemented MDM software at a number of European Enterprises, been part of MDM innovation board, and has as a consultant advised organisations across Europe on PIM & MDM business processes, strategic goals and roadmap. Ditte started her career working as a consultant at Stibo Systems, before she helped build up a consultancy startup.

Peter Toft,VP Global Business Development, Digizuite

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