How successful commerce apps are built

Mobile apps - the future must-win battle of commerce

Mobile commerce apps are key to digital growth

Worldwide sales through mobile devices are estimated to hit 3,5 trillion USD in 2021. That’s why mobile commerce is the most important touchpoint for both B2B and B2C companies to master in order to win at digital commerce. But when and why should you consider an e-commerce app? What is the business case precedent?

In this Bytes of IMPACT webinar, we will go in depth with mobile commerce apps – the future must-win battle of e-commerce.

In 40 minutes you’ll get:

  • The latest stats and numbers on mobile commerce
  • Strategic advice about when and why to consider an app for your business (and when to not)
  • Showcase of the best commerce experiences globally
  • Two impressive B2B and B2C success cases, Carl Ras and
  • Important considerations when making a convincing business case
Ask Ullerup er Director, Group Strategy & Innovation. Partner i IMPACT

Ask Ullerup has more than 10+ years of experience at IMPACT, where he strives to take advantage of the newest technologies and trends in order to help companies reach their full innovative potential. He has facilitated the digital strategy optimisation for several large companies, including Lemvigh Müller, Bestseller, Kamstrup, Kaufmann and Imerco, and has played an important role in the app process.

Watch the webinar here

Please note: Other agencies can not participate and will be signed off automatically.