Tesla does it. Volvo does it. Polestar does it. And now Danish car dealer, Bjarne Nielsen, does it: Let customers buy cars with the click of a mouse. We helped them build a commerce platform that’s engineered for the future. 

A few years back, not many people would have thought of a future where cars were part of a one-click-shopping culture. After all, cars are a big expense and most people prefer seeing (and testing) a potential new car before buying it.

At least so it used to be.

Much led by the global pandemic, shopping behaviors have changed in everything from groceries to cars, and while only 1% of all cars were bought online in 2018, nearly one out of 10 cars were bought digitally in early 2020. And the trend has just begun to gather speed.

Turning on the commerce engine

To harness this new opportunity, Danish car dealer Bjarne Nielsen has turned on the commerce engine and launched a new website- and webshop: A platform, which allows you to shop your car like you shop your clothes – from the comfort of your couch.

Built on Umbraco’s latest CMS software and Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, the platform accommodates the entire customer journey from initial test drive sign-up to purchase and service visit bookings.

That means you can not only buy your next new car online but also sign up for preceding test drives and subsequent service visits. All at once – all at one place. That’s it for a truly friction-free user experience, which fuses both physical and digital offerings.

Now, if you’re up for hearing more about the case, or our approach to working with pioneering commerce platforms, please don’t hesitate to reach out.