FTZ fuels the industry with customer-centric UX design

Discover how FTZ transformed mechanics' digital experiences by revamping its front page with user-centric UX design and continuous feedback, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.


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The customer journey of a mechanic is unique – they need quick access to the right spare parts and the ability to make offers while often communicating over the phone about their customers’ issues. To meet these needs, FTZ embraced a customer-first approach, continuously incorporating feedback into its UX design strategy. 


Over the past four years, we’ve conducted extensive qualitative research, interviewing over 50 mechanics as part of an ongoing design process. FTZ has even introduced ‘customer nights’ where they present their ideas and gather feedback from end-customers in local departments. Based on the insights, we saw a significant opportunity in optimising FTZ’s front page.  

During research visits, we observed that mechanics often left their desktops idling on FTZ’s front page – yet this page had minimal impact on their customer journey. Recognising the need for a more functional and influential front page, we proposed transforming it into a dynamic hub for deals, information, and trends, tailored to the specific requirements of workshop operations and auto-repairs. 


The revamped front page now serves as a hub for inspiration, combining e-commerce with educational resources, offering technical articles, step-by-step guides, and industry trend analyses directly on the front page. The front page is developed on best practices in UX design, showcasing popular products and highlighting often overlooked items to increase awareness.  

On top of this, we’ve developed a differentiated front page that, for example, considers local conditions and regulations, offering personalised user experiences based on individual preferences and purchase histories. This tailored UX approach enhances user satisfaction and engagement, making the front page a valuable touchpoint in the mechanic’s digital journey.  

Designed for inclusion

A key element in FTZ’s approach is meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse customer base, including those who are dyslexic or do not speak Danish as their primary language.

Therefore, the FTZ shop’s homepage is designed with a clear strategy of increased visualisation and enhanced accessibility. This ensures that all users, regardless of background or challenges, can easily navigate the shop and find the products and information they need.

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About FTZ

FTZ was founded in 1962 and is Denmark’s leading B2B distributor for car workshops. Its services vary from delivery of car parts and personal service and sparring to business consulting and further education in a rapidly changing automobile industry. Today, FTZ has 50 branches around Denmark and more than 1.200 employees

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