Put an end to content management issues and bottlenecks with Digizuite’s enterprise-grade digital asset management platform.


Three out of four enterprises want a specialised, high-performing and best-of-breed content management solution that effortlessly handles many different types of content. How do you do that? With a dedicated digital asset management (DAM) platform that securely and seamlessly integrates with internal and external systems such as your PIM, MDM and CMS.  

Enter: Digizuite DAM 

Quickly, safely and efficiently coordinate your content across the most essential customer-facing, internal and third-party touchpoints, including:  

  • Websites 
  • E-commerce sites 
  • Social media 
  • Customer portals
  • Email 
  • Sales enablement platforms  
  • And even in-store  

… all in real-time, from one central source of truth.    

Unifying your content experience, simply  

Digizuite’s DAM platform supports your content ecosystem by centralising all your digital assets. From this one spot, your content assets, from videos to images to PDFs, are accessible for everyone working with content in your company. And your partners, courtesy of out-of-the-box workflows.  

Say goodbye to combing through folders. Advanced search functionality makes lightning-fast work of filtering and finding content that can be channel-customised and distributed.  

To speed things up, the user-friendly platform is so simple to work with that it requires no coding or special training. That means content creators can focus on what matters: producing great content.  

Enhancing your omnichannel assets 

It doesn’t matter how compelling your content is if no one sees it. Make sure your content is experienced by the right people, at the right time, in the right channel, with Digizuite’s purpose-built omnichannel capabilities that help you deploy, adopt and succeed with omnichannel.  

Fully open, best-of-breed DAM  

Ready to replace your integrated suite with a flexible, best-of-breed solution? Digizuite’s platform is entirely open and comes with a range of pre-built connectors that allow it to integrate with the rest of your tech stack.  

We’re thrilled to partner up with Digizuite. Their dedicated focus on e-commerce and omnichannel align perfectly with IMPACT’s purpose of changing commerce for the better. As the European challenger for commerce, this partnership will help us reach our joint vision of shaping the future of commerce, faster.

Anders StentebjergPartnership Director at IMPACT


Are you looking for an enterprise-ready DAM?
Digizuite’s enterprise-crafted capabilities include global deployment, automatic rendering and content delivery across multiple endpoints, immersive media support, permission control and unlimited scale. 

1. Deliver content experiences at scale
The Digizuite platform scales with you. It handles up to approximately two million source assets – and internally up to 8x that. Whether you need a solution that scales dynamically with storage (BLOB storage or disk) or processing power (CPU, RAM, Servers), Digizuite has you covered.

2. Take on rich media and immersive content
Rich media and immersive content can be a challenge for some DAMs. Not so with Digizuite. It effortlessly stores and previews 3D, CAD object files and AR and VR. It also supports 360-degree images by listing images taken on a rotating device, treating them as a list of linked product photos.

3. Ensure brand consistency with role-based user rights
Everyone should be able to use your DAM. But some people should be able to use it more. Assign role-based privileges and permissions to users to boost collaboration while controlling exactly where your brand assets are used across geographies and verticals.

4. Safeguard digital rights
Digital rights can be contentious – and costly if you get them wrong. Use Digizuite’s metadata engine to enrich your assets with an origin, rights owner, sponsor, photographer and date of expiration. Protect yourself further with workflow and due action automation.

5. Localisation
Expand your reach to global markets with AI translation for more than 100 languages. The system comes pre-configured with English, German, French, Spanish and Danish.

6. System security
Digizuite ensures your data is secure through out-of-the-box single sign-on (SSO), which is handled via integration to several identity management solutions and protocols. Specific data sovereignty is provided by allowing customers the freedom to select the Microsoft datacenter location. You can also choose to host the solution on-premises.

Combined with IMPACT’S e-commerce expertise, Digizuite is a dream come true for our joint customers who aspire to deliver outstanding omnichannel customer experiences. Our partnership enables customers to automate and streamline content creation, management and distribution from one platform to the channels of their choice.

Kim WoltersCEO of Digizuite

With us on board, you’ve got a partner with a dedicated commercial and business focus, a cross-disciplinary execution setup and more than 20 years of experience. In short, we excel in everything from management consulting and implementation to operations and digital marketing.    

Our team of 350+ skilled consultants, designers, developers and likeminded are excited to take on your next project, challenge your assumptions and elevate your results.  

Want to learn more about digizuite?

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