IMPACT has been recognised as a Raptor Gold Partner

Being a Raptor Gold Partner is a mark of excellence that signifies our commitment to delivering exceptional service and providing innovative technology solutions for our clients using Raptor’s products and services.  

To become a Raptor Gold Partner and maintain the badge, we are required to meet strict certification requirements, including completing advanced training and demonstrating expertise in implementing Raptor’s technology solutions. 

The gold badge is awarded as a “seal of approval” showing clients that we have all the required skills to ensure excellent consultancy and efficient implementation of Raptor solutions.  

As a Raptor Gold Partner, we have gone through all the necessary training and certifications from Raptor Academy, ensuring our clients the highest level of expertise. Moreover, we gain access to a range of exclusive benefits, including dedicated technical support and training resources. This allows us to better serve our clients by leveraging Raptor’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry. 

We’re very honored to have received this recognition and we want to give a heartfelt thank you to our clients for trusting us and to all our team members who have worked tirelessly to maintain this badge.

We look forward to another successful year as a Raptor Gold Partner! 

What is Raptor?

In markets with increasing competition, making yourself relevant to the right customers at the right time is critical. This is at the core of Raptor Services – the market-leading personalisation and customer data platform provider.  

Raptor offers a range of cutting-edge products and services that help businesses improve their operational efficiency and stay ahead of competition. Raptor’s intelligent personalisation engine collects and recognises information about each customer’s behavior across channels, both online and offline. 

This makes it possible to automatically display products, provide personal recommendations and inspire purchases based on user behavior across platforms and channels. Raptor enhances the customer experience and revenue as offers become more relevant to individual customers. 

Both B2B and B2C companies can increase conversions, average basket size and repurchase rates with Raptor. 

Read more about Raptor here.  

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