IMPACT elected inriver Partner of the Year

After extensive focus on inriver and PIM solutions, IMPACT has been awarded the title as Partner of the Year 2018.

In recent years, we have been working hard to make Product Information Management Solutions (PIM solutions) one of our specialties. This effort has been recognised by inriver with the incredible award: inRrver Partner of the Year 2018.

“This is huge praise for the whole team and the development we have had this year with many new customers and the execution of several interesting cases. It is super cool that we get recognition from inriver in relation to the development IMPACT has been through, and it informs us that we are heading in the right direction,” Sune Rasmussen, Manager for Master Data and Product Information at IMPACT, says.

IMPACT began focusing more on inriver and PIM in 2017, when we received the highest inriver partner category, Platinum Partner. Even at that time, there was a growing demand for PIM solutions among our customers. That demand has only increased. In 2017, we carried out three inriver projects in one year, and we have already executed the same number during the first three months of 2019 – and the development only seems to continue, Sune informs.

We are in a really good place, where we have a concept that customers respond well to. But we are still on a growth journey, so we have a lot of new customers that we would like to have on board, while simultaneously driving the development forward with existing customers.

Suitable for the Danish market

It is not entirely without reason that more customers are requesting PIM solutions. After being online for several years, retailers can now not only see the value of PIM, they can also see that their needs are increasing – they are getting more products, they need more functionality, and customers are making greater demands of them. Therefore, the retailers need a solid IT infrastructure that meets these needs, Sune believes.

The fact that it is inriver’s solution that is high-ranking is also not a coincidence.

“inriver has a solid, well-adapted and mature product, and it fits in very well within the Danish market, which is characterised by many medium-sized companies. It also fits in well with us in IMPACT because it covers the segments that we work with – namely retail, B2B, and B2C,” Sune says.

The biggest challenge at the moment is that we lack PIM-savvy IT profiles to help us with the many exciting projects we have in the pipeline, and we are currently looking for several Master Data consultants.

We have implemented PIM-systems for HAY and Carl Hansen & Son, among others.

Would you like to know more about our PIM solutions?

Contact Sune. He can fill you in on all the details.